World of Beer Brings its World-class Selection of Suds to West 7th

You don’t always need an airline ticket, a full tank of gas, or paid vacation days to enjoy the benefits of travel. Some of the very best trips can occur in the comfort of an armchair — via the joys of a good book — or, in the case of World of Beer, while perched on a barstool. World of Beer recently moved into west Fort Worth with its newest location on West 7th. In an area chock-full of bars and restaurants, World of Beer officially puts the competition on notice: it’s time to up the ante, at least in terms of beer selection and creative food pairings. With literally hundreds of brews available, World of Beer sets a whole new standard for the discerning beer lover. More than just a bar, World of Beer also offers a full, inventive menu, comfortable outdoor seating and generally classy atmosphere. Whether it’s date night or an evening out with friends, World of Beer offers a environment where an empty pint glass is a passport to an international experience.

Most patrons will need to pinch themselves when they first enter a World of Beer. The tap wall contains 50 different brews from around the world. An additional 500 canned and bottled beers fill the coolers. If variety is the spice of life, World of Beer is the ghost pepper for beer lovers. If you’re wondering who to thank for World of Beer’s arrival, look no further than Fort Worth’s craft brewers.

“All the craft breweries here is what attracted us to Fort Worth,” says Phillip Taylor, general manager of World of Beer on West 7th. “Between Rahr Brewing Co., Panther Island and all the distilleries, the West Seventh area seemed like a great location for for us to dive into Fort Worth’s craft world.”

World of Beer proudly supports the craft brew movement and understands that the best beers are often local beers. If you want proof of this, look no further than World of Beer’s “Texas Corner,” an area of the tap wall dedicated to 20 local and regional brews. If the sheer range and scope of choices sounds intimidating, never fear: World of Beer devotes just as much care to the training of its staff as it does the selection of beer.

“We have an intensive training for our waitstaff,” says Phillip. “Our servers and bartenders go through two weeks of beer training to ensure that they’re knowledgeable and can help customers. We want to make sure that you get the right beer in front of you.”

To help navigate the vast menu, servers come equipped with iPads to aid customers in the selection process. Patrons can also download the World of Beer app, which provides an inventory of what’s available on a daily basis.

World of Beer completes the guest experience with its food menu. You’ll find no drab, uninspired pub grub here; each item on the menu was chosen to highlight some aspect of the beer selection. Much of the food even has beer as an ingredient. For example, the Black & Tan Onion Rings are dipped in a stout and brown ale batter, while the pickle chips come with an IPA dipping sauce. As for entrees, the Chimay Burger comes with Chimay Classique cheese and a house-made Chimay sauce. The beer-infused cheeses, made with Panther Island beer, occupy a place of pride for World of Beer. As for personal recommendations, Phillip has a few:

“I think everyone needs a German Pretzel when they come in. We also have gluten-free crab cakes and a range of gluten-free beers and ciders.”

World of Beer is open daily for anyone who wants a spur-of-the-moment vacation. No need to pack your bags; World of Beer has everything you need.