September 2015 What's Cooking? 2

On Demand, Your Own Personal Chef Makes Dinner Easy

It’s a common icebreaker question: would you rather have a maid, chauffeur, personal assistant or chef? For many people — including this writer — the choice is obvious, and even laughable in its simplicity. Even for those who love to cook, the availability of a personal chef ranks as one of life’s most desirable luxuries. To simply request the meals you want and have them available through no personal effort would make life easier and more healthful; not to mention the ease with which you could host guests or family for the holidays.

If you think that this fantasy rests well out of reach, you should acquaint yourself with the services of Bradford Spradley. The creator of Chef Style Studio presents Bradfoods 2Go, Bradford makes fresh, chef-prepared meals a reality for anyone. Bradford, who clocked over 10,000 hours of experience in the kitchen of the Ridglea Country Club, created the service when he recognized a particular need: his own.

“My wife and I first started a to-go business in 2009,” says Bradford. “We were so busy with our careers, we wanted home-delivered meals but couldn’t find them. We started to make our own meals in larger quantities, and figure ‘why not do this for other people?’”

This initial foray into the world or personal cooking was vary successful — a little too successful, as a matter of fact.

“We ran the business out of our home, and it got so big we had to shut down,” explains Bradford. “We recently decided to start it up again, and just moved into a 2100-square-foot kitchen to better serve customers and cater private events.”

Bradford’s career as a chef began at El Centro culinary school in Dallas. A period of extensive travel saw Bradford get exposure to a wide variety of international cuisines, and revealed southeast Asia as his very own culinary nexus.

“My main love is Asian food,” says Bradford. “For a few years, I didn’t shop in American grocery stores at all. I bought ketchup maybe once. I was fortunate enough during culinary school to get placed at Ridglea for my apprenticeship, where I worked with a Thai chef.”

While Bradford has a personal fondness for Asian dishes, Chef Style Studio’s Bradfoods 2Go menu is varied and ever-changing. A sample of available dishes could include everything from lasagna to brisket, with lean options and a wide selection of sides.

“We offer our customers a choice of what I call Full Fat Flavor, or the Lean and Mean,” says Bradford. “We just got a smoker, and will do both deep-fried and smoked turkeys for the holidays as well.”

So how does it work? Every Monday, Bradford sends out an email blast that details the week’s menu and specials. The menu also appears online at, and you can follow your new personal chef on Facebook as well. Deliveries currently go out on Fridays, though Bradford hopes to expand the service soon. Customers can place orders through the website, email or text 817-614-5896