Kalen's New Adverture 1

Fort Worth’s Kalen Morgenstern takes on the role of Executive Chef for the upcoming Market + Table

Kalen Morgenstern’s career trajectory has seemed like one continuous and rapid ascent. The past six years have seen the Fort Worth native gain early exposure at Nashville’s Patterson House, serve as chef de cuisine at Tillman’s Roadhouse and appear as a reality show contestant on Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen. Kalen’s latest adventure — and the next chapter in her exciting career — will see her take on executive chef duties at the brand-new Market + Table in Fort Worth’s West Seventh district.

Market + Table, a fresh concept from Tillman’s Roadhouse owners Sara Tillman and Todd Fiscus, will bring both an upscale market and gourmet restaurant to the vibrant urban area. Located in the space formerly occupied by Tillman’s Roadhouse, Market + Table serves as an entirely new vision of epicurean living that should go over well with the area’s hip, professional demographic.

The restaurant component will welcome diners into an elegant, bistro-style environment where the focus lands squarely on the delectability of Kalen’s menu. Designed in partnership with Todd Fiscus and the rest of Kalen’s team, the menu nevertheless bears the imprint of the new executive chef’s sensibilities.

“I was born in Texas and raised Southern, so I lean toward that style of cuisine,” says Kalen. “My aim is to invoke memories and experiences, and try to get people to connect with themselves through food. The goal with Market + Table is to bring back some of the old school stuff that I grew up eating, and present it in new and different ways.”

A complete departure from the atmosphere and vibe of Tillman’s Roadhouse, Market + Table stands to reinvent Fort Worth’s notion of fine dining — both in the store and restaurant.

“We’re looking to offer fast, healthy and unprocessed options on the market side, and fine dining on the table side,” explains Kalen. “Two ideas in one space; it’s gonna be fun.”

The Market portion of the business will serve as an epicurean deli and grocer, with prepared foods ready for pick-up and a well-curated assortment of staples and basics. Locals who occupy the area’s surrounding lofts will certainly welcome a fast, convenient option for high-quality, on-the-go food and an excuse to skip the supermarket. As for the restaurant, Kalen plans to keep things equally fresh and dynamic:

“The menu for Table will probably change as much as every week,” she explains. “The idea is to rotate food and keep people coming back without getting stuck in a routine. That’s what people want around here. If something does really well, we might leave it on for a week or two.”

It wouldn’t be a West Seventh restaurant without a cocktail menu, and Market + Table aims to impress on the libation side of the equation.

“We are designing a complete cocktail menu,” says Kalen. “We’ll have the classics on there, and plan to do more of a pre-prohibition style selection. We’ll also have seasonal cocktails that pair with the food and change more often.”

Ready to explore what Market + Table (+ Kalen) have to offer? The Market portion gets a head-start with a soft opening in early October, while Table is set to debut in November with a special introductory menu.