Like mother, like daughter...

I was born without an artsy or a craftsy bone in my body. My daughter Hannah on the other hand, can create these amazing, elaborate, beautiful things that just baffle me. I do love to cook though and watch more Food Network than a person should be allowed. Hannah has to call me on how to heat frozen chicken nuggets. My daughter can close her eyes, pick random articles of clothes out of the closet and Voila! a perfect outfit. I have to carefully think out each and everything I will wear then still second guess myself a couple of times. It’s a lengthy process. I love sports, especially college football. I am willing to bet she has no idea who Gary Patterson is. When I look at her I think, how did I create this beautiful creature? We’re nothing alike. Then she opens her mouth and I am like, “Oh there it is!”

It’s hard for me to believe my Hannah is a grown adult woman. I look at this beautiful girl and see us riding in the car while dancing and singing, watching Disney movies, and playing dolls. I also see those not so awesome teen years where I truly thought she was taken over by aliens. Now I see her doing these exact same things with my grand girls and I know that she, too, will raise strong beautiful women that are just like her.

This month’s issue is all about the strong, beautiful women of Fort Worth. I have wanted to tell a few of their stories since I started the magazine and I am so happy that it has finally happened. Sharen Wilson is Fort Worth’s first female District Attorney. She is brilliant and is a role model for anyone. My friend Kalen was the sous chef at Tillman’s when we met. She is hilarious and extremely talented. She is starting on a new adventure as the head chef of Table and Market this month. All of the women in this issue make Fort Worth an even better place and I hope you enjoy getting to know these women as much as I have!

See you around town!


Christie Thomas