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Metropolitan Day Spa

If you’re looking for a Fort Worth facial destination, look no further. Chances are you’ve seen or heard of Metropolitan Day Spa, in the corner of a quaint cultural district shopping center on West 7th Street. And if you’re lucky, you’ve made it to the top of its three month-long waiting list. But what makes this spa so special? We sat down with owner Lupita and her husband and manager Gerald Griffin to learn the unique elements of this family owned and operated business.

“I call it the best kept little secret, but we really don’t want to be kept a secret,” laughs Gerald. “We want people to know we’re here. A client once said, ‘I’m afraid to let people know that you’re here because I don’t want to have a difficult time trying to get an appointment.’ We’ve got a waiting list. People want to get in.”

When you enter this nearly 6-year-old spa you’ll be greeted by the sounds of slow, harmonious music and possibly one of the two Griffin children, ages 9 and 16. Lupita, who doubles as the spa’s medical esthetician, says her daughter is especially keen on manning the front desk and greeting customers. And while the clients are mostly referred by word of mouth and the atmosphere remains familiar and family-like, the skincare products are internationally known and turning heads.

“We have a new line called Biologique Recherche from France,” says Gerald. “It’s a new product that’s out there. It has natural ingredients in their lotions and creams. We have a treatment that we do with it that stimulates the facial muscles. As you get older, gravity seems to want to pull everything down. This helps lift the muscle and gives you a youthful look and diminishes wrinkles. It’s very popular. Everyone wants to know everything about it.”

Gerald went on to say that you wouldn’t find these products on your neighborhood drug store shelf. The Biologique Recherche brand won’t let just anyone represent them; Metropolitan Day Spa remains the only carrier in Texas. The service is so new, that it’s not even on the menu yet. (Ask for the Biologique or BR treatment when you visit.)

For a taste of what Gerald calls the “ultimate pampering,” book the Metropolitan Package for up to three people. This service features a facial, hot stone massage, manicure, pedicure and a catered lunch from either Michaels Cuisine or Lucile’s Stateside Bistro. (They’ll even accommodate dietary restrictions when needed.) You’ll escape the outside world for a total of 245 minutes when you purchase this package for $310 per person. But we’d like to think you couldn’t put a price tag on this type of peace and quiet.

However Metropolitan Day Spa is much more than just top-of-the-line products and fancy fare.

“We pride ourselves on not being a cookie cutter kind of spa,” says Gerald. “We’d like to think that we’re a little bit more upscale, professional and knowledgeable. We have a medical director so it’s more than just your basic spa. The medical director oversees the operation if we have any questions as far as skin and health. Also anything that has to do with laser. Just to make sure that everything is done properly”

Metropolitan Day Spa staff will even refer their guests to trusted dermatologist in the area, should they need additional consultation.

At the end of a visit, Lupita and Gerald understand the satisfaction that customers get when they look in the mirror post-treatment and see a difference. But for them, the real satisfaction comes from knowing they provide a place where spa-goers of all ages feel rejuvenated from the inside out.

“We want them to feel renewed and refreshed,” says Gerald. “That’s the greatest part about this industry. They come in here and they’re tired and then when they walk out of here they just look and feel like a new person. They’re very bubbly and you can just tell they have this renewed sense of feeling about themselves.”

For more information visit MetropolitanDaySpa.com or call 817.877.3417.