How Sweet It Is 1

Sugar Biscuit’s cakes look almost too good to eat — almost.


Like greeting cards, cakes serve to celebrate and mark 
 special events, and should reflect not only an appropriate sentiment, but the uniqueness of the occasion. Everyone has memories of that one special birthday cake, which sat like a trophy to display the celebrant’s love of Disney, or baseball, or airplanes. The wedding cake, a piece of which often goes forever uneaten in the freezer, is itself a visual element of the ceremony, with a taste secondary to its appearance.

When it comes time to celebrate a birthday, wedding, holiday, or other special milestone, many people opt for bland cakes and tired designs chosen from a sticky, laminated binder in the supermarket. For cakes (and cupcakes) as delicious as they are special, you’ll need to go elsewhere: to Bluebonnet Circle, the home of Sugar Biscuit Cakery.

“Big time manufacturers cannot make the kinds of things we do,” says Ratna Goenardi, owner and cake mastermind. “Our custom cakes are always made specifically with each customer’s situation in mind. We ask lots of questions and always tailor things to the occasion.”

The exquisite craftsmanship and delicious taste of Ratna’s creations has led to a steady growth in Sugar Biscuit’s business.

“Our storefront opened last year,” says Ratna. “That grew the business. We have walk-ins who place orders, along with daily cupcakes for sale. Our main target is custom orders, though. Growth has been a very steady upwards incline.”

One bite of a Sugar Biscuit creation, and you’ll understand what all the fuss is about. Ratna uses only the finest quality ingredients to ensure that her cakes taste as good as they look. Customers who place a custom order can count on a hands-on, interactive process.

“Sometimes we’ll brainstorm right on the spot, and if the idea is a little loose and vague, I take time to think about it, then email them some ideas,” says Ratna. “It’s definitely a process.”

Sugar Biscuit makes custom cakes for any occasion, including the holidays. Her most popular items, however, have year-round appeal.

“We do Star Wars cakes all the time,” says Ratna. “TCU is also a big seller, of course. For the holidays we’ll put together several prototypes for people to choose from.”

If you want to try something new this Thanksgiving, give the pumpkin pie a rest. Instead, celebrate the season with a delicious delicacy sure to delight eyes and tastebuds. Got some ideas for a showstopper centerpiece-dessert? Stop by Sugar Biscuit and see where your imagination takes you.