Oysters Ho!

The Dive Oyster Bar Is Set To Embark On A Voyage Of Deliciousness

The sign at 3520 Alta Mere Drive is already inspiring rumbling bellies and salivating palates: the Dive Oyster Bar, the newest project from Mule Pub and Oscar’s Pub owner, Robbie Turman. The happy, smiling blue fish with his mug of beer promises good times, savory food and sudsy refreshment — in short, everything a person could hope for from a lunchtime spot or evening destination.

Ready to set sail on December 1, the Dive Oyster Bar isn’t out to reinvent the wheel; it just wants to serve up a delectable experience in a relaxed, casual environment.

“We’re shooting for a fun atmosphere,” says Robbie. “Families and kids are welcome. It’ll be a lunchtime and after-work place, more of a restaurant than a bar. The name says ‘dive,’ so we’re not going for anything fancy, just good customer service and a friendly atmosphere.”

Of course, the best customer service and friendliest atmosphere in the world can’t compensate for subpar food; luckily, the Dive Oyster Bar’s fare will leave patrons happy as clams. Robbie has entrusted chef duties to Josh Rangel, formerly of Water’s Restaurant.

“Josh has taken control of the food in the kitchen,” says Robbie. “In creating the menu, I’ve given him more say over everything. He’s especially knowledgeable, coming from a seafood background.”

Diners can expect a full catch of seafood-inspired grub, including pub favorites like fish and chips and po’ boys, along with clam chowder and crab claws. The oysters themselves will be available in a variety of ways.

“We’ll have different specials throughout the week, different oyster bakes, crab legs, all kinds of stuff,” says Robbie. “I’ve also given Josh free reign to do a few things that you won’t see at other oyster bars, like kim chi.”

The Dive Oyster Bar promises food good enough to cure the crabbiest of attitudes. A range of beer and wine will only add to the fun, and ensure that the Dive joins the Mule Pub and Oscar’s among the westside’s favorite evening spots.

For those who can’t stay docked, but have to set sail for their home port, the Dive Oyster Bar offers a drive-thru service. Simply call ahead and place your order, and your provisions will be ready when you arrive. Beer and wine will also be available to-go, so patrons can chart a homeward course and cast anchor for the evening.

If, like this writer, you consider such a place a blessing from cod, you might wonder what gave Mr. Turman the inspiration for his newest venture. Pleased diners can address all “thank you’s” to the building itself. The former home of Salsa Fuego, the structure beckoned to Robbie like the X on a treasure map.

“I’d been asking the owner to let me have that building for a few years,” explains Robbie. “I just thought that it looked like an oyster bar, with the outside pillars resembling a dock.”

Robbie’s inspiration is now a bonafide reality, and a welcome addition to his growing family of establishments. A soft opening period of two weeks will precede Thanksgiving, with the official unveiling just in time for the holidays.

“We’ll have our soft opening for a few weeks to train staff and make sure we’ve got our plating and ingredients down the way we like them,” says Robbie. “Then we’ll take a short break for the holiday and be back to open on December 1st.”

If you need a vacation from the malls and other stresses of the holiday routine, don’t forget this pearl of an oyster bar. At Robbie and Yvonne Turman’s The Dive, you’ll have a whale of a good time.