Every year when we unpack the ornaments to decorate the tree, I am always transported back to 1994 when I was a young single mom of my precious Hannah. The times were lean and there was not a lot of extra money for decorations and a tree, but that year I was going to make it happen. I walked into Target with the little bit of money I had saved and bought the essential lights, ornaments, and tinsel. Feeling very proud of my finds, I was ready to leave when I looked up and saw a tree topper Angel. She was absolutely beautiful dressed in purple satin and I knew that we had to have her. She was so out of my budget at a costly $24.99, but it didn’t matter, I would figure out a way to cut costs to justify this purchase. When we decorated the tree that year and I lifted Hannah up to put that Angel on the tree, we knew how special she was. Over the past 21 years we have been putting that very same angel on our tree and I can still feel that overwhelming feeling of thankfulness I did back in 1994.

In this issue, Mike and I wanted to share the story of the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program because it is one of the simplest ways of giving back. When my kids were young we would go together and pick a boy and girl each of their own ages. I would always get the essential items on their lists but the kids always made the decisions on the wanted items. Then they would add in their own special item just from them. This has made for some of my favorite family time with my kids. This year we will introduce this tradition to our grand-girls, Brileigh and Laramie, and I can’t wait!

December’s issue marks our 2nd year anniversary and that old saying “time flies when you’re having fun” couldn’t ring more true. Through the good, the bad, and in between we always know that we owe it all to the Lord who blessed us with this opportunity and to you, our readers.

Have a very blessed and merry Christmas,


Christie & Mike Thomas

Cover Art

Texas Ballet Dancer

Photography Ann Beck