West FW Lifestyle Celebrates Our 2nd Anniversary

Thanks to our loyal readership and 
the work of our dedicated team.

As a publication rooted in community, West FW Lifestyle is a collaborative effort. To celebrate our second anniversary, we’re going behind the pages to introduce the people who make every issue possible.

Christie Thomas

The publisher/editor of West FW Lifestyle, Christie has years of experience in publishing industry sales. Despite this, she never imagined she’d find herself at the helm of her own publication.

“I knew what it took on the sales side of things,” she says, “but it never crossed my mind that I would do this for myself.” That all changed one evening when Christie was browsing franchise opportunities.

“I found information on Lifestyle Publications,” says Christie. “I turned to my husband and said ‘Hey, do you want to start a magazine?’”

As a Fort Worth lifer, the opportunity to run a publication that honors her hometown is a dream come true.

“Our readers are our stories,” says Christie. “This magazine is built on community, and we have been gifted with readers who share their lives with us.”

Christie also has the benefit of a committed partner: her husband, Mike.

“Mike kept the magazine afloat for the first year,” says Christie. “It was brutal to have a business that didn’t show a profit for nine months, but he kept us on track.”

As for the future, West FW Lifestyle can only hope to expand upon the blessings granted to it by its readership.

“We feel so privileged to have become a part of our readers’ lives,” says Christie. “We’re thankful to every one of them.”

Ashley Sanchez

As West FW Lifestyle’s account manager, Ashley creates the partnerships that keep the magazine alive.

“The best part of my job is seeing clients have success,” says Ashley. “As someone born in Fort Worth, it’s inspiring to have the opportunity to work with the community.”

Few people understand the magic of Fort Worth community quite like Ashley. In a story that could have been lifted from the pages of a magazine, she grew up across the street from her future husband.

“We finally got together and have been married for eight years,” says Ashley. “We now have two kids, and I couldn’t imagine raising a family anywhere but here.”

Ann Beck

Ann supplies the images that bring the magazine’s stories to life. Though originally from Wisconsin, Ann has a fierce appreciation for her adopted home.

“My favorite part about shooting for West FW Lifestyle is the variety it brings,” says Ann. “I never know what I’ll experience. From swimming with dogs to profiling cowboys, I feel like each month uncovers a new layer of the city.”

After 30 years in Fort Worth, it’s a testament to the city’s complexity that it can provide this career photographer with continual inspiration.

“That one city can contain such a wide cross-section of people and places is an amazing feat,” says Ann.

Mollie Jamison

A contributing writer for West FW Lifestyle, Mollie graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in journalism. As someone who was raised in the Disciples of Christ Church, Mollie had a strong connection to Fort Worth through TCU, and always considered herself a Horned Frog.

“What appeals to me about writing for West FW Lifestyle is meeting such interesting and driven people in all different fields,” says Mollie. “From destination day spas to funky-fresh bakeries, west Fort Worth has it all.”

Juliet George

Juliet, teacher and historian, can trace her family’s Tarrant County roots back to the 1850s. As an educator, she inspires students with a love of history. As a writer, she shares her expertise with readers of West FW Lifestyle.

“I am overflowing with stories of the west side,” says Juliet. “The magazine has allowed me to tell a few.”

Juliet’s books on Fort Worth were published as part of the Images of America series. A presentation she gave introduced her to Christie and sparked her involvement with the magazine.

“I think that those whose families came here generations ago have a sense of appreciation for our environment,” says Juliet. “It is important to share this, so that we all guard and cherish our history.”

Douglas Matus

A full-time writer, Doug is the magazine’s most recent Fort Worth transplant. Born and raised in West, Texas, Doug graduated from the University of Texas, taught high school in Austin, then moved to Los Angeles for graduate studies at CalArts. While living in Marfa, Texas, Doug met a Fort Worth native who hogtied his heart and spirited him away to Cowtown.

“Writing for West FW Lifestyle has given me a chance to get to know the community where I’ve made my home,” says Doug. “Every story is an adventure, and adds to the beautiful, evolving mural we’ve painted of Fort Worth across each and every issue.”