Get Fit in the Fort 2

Camp Bowie Boulevard has an eclectic set of fitness options to help anyone with their New Years goals.

In order to make 2016 the year you finally take control of your health, you need more than a cookie-cutter gym stuffed with flashy machines. You need an actual partnership with a facility that cares about you and your fitness. Regardless of your tastes or goals, on Camp Bowie Boulevard you can find the workout you need — and lose the pounds you don’t.

Indigo Yoga

Fort Worth’s oldest and largest yoga studio, Indigo Yoga (hand)stands head and shoulders (or feet and ankles?) above the competition. While many people assume that yoga focuses solely on stretches, Baptiste Yoga — the style taught at Indigo — brings the intensity.

“Baptiste Yoga is designed to benefit anyone, regardless of age, size, abilities or intensity preference,” says Taylor Matus, Indigo’s programs director.

Those curious about yoga can plug it into a weekly routine to gain heightened body awareness, help prevent injury or relieve discomfort and tension. With Baptiste Yoga, you can also make it your sole workout.

“In Baptiste Yoga, we flow through poses efficiently, which increases the heart rate,” explains Taylor. “We also strengthen every part of the body, so if someone practices five to seven times a week, they will definitely see changes.”

If you want to give yoga a shot, Indigo’s class structure allows anyone to jump right in.

“All of our classes support beginners,” says Taylor. “For your first time, you can expect a welcoming environment, a practice space heated to 98 degrees, and a dynamic community.”

James Conley Fitness

If one-on-one work aligns best with your workout ambitions, there’s no better personal trainer than James Conley. James — who has been in the  business for 20 years —gives clients the benefits of an unparalleled amount of experience, along with an inspirational attitude that can help anyone overcome holiday inertia.

“We have a small studio, so clients really get a lot of attention,” says James. “We do one-on-one training and design programs based on clients’ current levels and where they want to go.”

For James, fitness is not about vanity or a single-minded focus on one area. It’s a holistic practice that addresses the entire body’s needs.

“I have a love for the human body and want to see everyone become as fit as possible,” says James. “Fitness is a journey, not a destination. My goal for each one of my clients is to be in better shape today than they were in yesterday.”

The Pilates Concept

Pilates is a unique practice that affects the body from the inside out. Sarah Cornett, owner and founder of the Pilates Concept, explains:

“A lot of workouts focus only on the superficial muscle groups. Pilates works from the inside out to improve postural issues, increase core strength and promote mobility.”

Developed in the early 20th century, Pilates offers therapeutic benefits not obtainable through regular workouts.

“We focus on movement therapies that are recognized as preventative medicine,” says Sarah. “Pilates is a mind-body exercise.”

As a supplemental workout, Pilates helps correct imbalances from higher intensity activities. As a sole practice, Pilates integrates cardio through specialized equipment, and is pursuable on a daily basis.

“To get started, we always recommend a private lesson,” says Sarah. “From there we discuss goals, injuries, or restrictions, then get started with the basic principles.”