New Year, New Me? 1

It’s a brand new year! Hello 2016, hasta la vista 2015. Some of us make resolutions and some of us give up making resolutions. I am so torn when I do January’s issue. I love telling all of the inspiring stories of health and fitness, shaping up and slimming down. Then all of a sudden, I feel like a complete slacker. I loved doing Pilates with Sarah at The Pilates Concept but then our trip to New Orleans happened and I decided I loved beignets more (sorry Sarah). I saw a thing on the internet not too long ago that said “Fitness? Watch me fitness this whole pizza in my mouth.” That about sums me up. Now heading into my 46th year, I might want to rethink this philosophy.

In this month’s issue you will learn about three different kinds of exercise programs. Camp Bowie is fitness business heavy (at my last count it was 19 businesses). So if you live anywhere near the boulevard, you are set. This issue is a culmination of many conversations I have had with readers over the past year. That is why I titled it: Life Fitness.

As always, we are truly blessed to be allowed to tell the West Side stories and we hope that you reach out and share yours with us.

I have finally found my missing Nike, commandeered some super cool pink head-phones and am ready to hit the sidewalks of my west side neighborhood. Hopefully when you see me I will still be vertical.

See you around town!


Christie Thomas