Feel Good About Your Beef 2

Wagyu Kobe-style beef, produced at Ennis’s 
Rosewood Ranch, makes it easy to eat healthy.

The Rosewood Ranch, which stretches across Ellis, Henderson, Navarro and Kaufman counties, showcases Texas’s natural beauty. An expansive pastoral landscape of native-grass prairies, with fields of wheat and oat, this North Texas paradise features teeming pastures of wildlife and cattle, along with scenic stretches of the Trinity River. Founded in 1858, Rosewood Ranch has blossomed under the guidance of the Caroline Rose Hunt family, and now focuses on premium beef production.

One of Rosewood’s premier products, Wagyu Kobe-style beef, brings to your dinner plate all the qualities of excellence that the Rosewood name has come to embody. Kenneth Braddock, who has decades of experience in the cattle business, serves as manager for Rosewood Ranch. A partnership with Florida’s Jackman Beef allowed Kenneth and his team to realize a longstanding goal.

“I had wanted to do my own beef label with Rosewood for years,” explains Kenneth. “We were selling a lot of Wagyu calves straight to customers as home-freezer beef. Jackman was already in the business of ranch-to-table selling in Florida, and when they came in to buy some of our calves, I came to like how they did business.”

Jackman Beef provided Mr. Braddock and his team with the expertise to introduce Rosewood Wagyu beef to the retail and wholesale market. Now, customers can appreciate the unparalleled quality of Wagyu beef that’s been sustainably produced right here in Texas; whether you need a whole beef or just enough for dinner, Rosewood Beef has you covered. The particular benefits of Wagyu beef make Rosewood an even more compelling choice.

“Wagyu Kobe-style beef is a grade above prime beef,” says Kenneth. “We have Angus and Brangus cows, and brought in the Wagyu bulls to create an F1 Wagyu crossbreed. This gives you the best of both worlds: the growth of an Angus breed and the marbling of Wagyu.”

Kobe-style beef should stand out even more to the health-conscious. Rosewood’s Wagyu beef has fewer calories than standard beef, provides a healthy dose of protein and is rich in iron. Wagyu beed also has more healthy monounsaturated fatty acids — up to 30 percent more — than other beef.

When you buy Rosewood Beef, you not only do your body a favor; you help support a homegrown enterprise that truly cares about the Texas environment.

“We use every segment of the ranch for different things,” says Kenneth. “We’ve done wetlands conservation, and have been practicing sustainability for years.”

Rosewood Beef is currently available wholesale in DFW through Halperns’ Meat. If you want to buy directly from Rosewood, visit their website at www.rosewoodbeef.com, or drive out to the ranch in Ennis. Retail sales will happen eventually, but Kenneth and his team, which now includes Chef Michael Scott, will take the time to get it right.

“With everything we’ve done, from raising cattle to producing a product that everyone’s after, we always take the extra step to make it better,” says Kenneth. “For me, it’s all about what we can do better. If you improve the smallest thing, then you’ve done something.”