Food and Friends

I have a monthly Saturday brunch with my girlfriends where we get to catch up while enjoying amazing food and a lot of laughs. Our first brunch was held at Fixture. This is no coincidence that they are featured in this month’s issue since it was a direct result of that day. We tried almost everything on their scrumptious menu. After we each ordered our brunch libations we started on the task of choosing our food. As each of us attempted to make our choices, there was much discussion of who was getting what and what the other person was going to have to share with the group. Fortunately, our waiter helped us make some decisions and enlightened us to a few things we had not thought of. I had the Texas Cheesesteak, which consists of sliced ribeye, mushrooms, onion, jalapenos, Havarti Cheese and Spicy Mayo. I am not a good enough writer to describe the greatness of this sandwich, so I will just say it’s a must have! After all of the choices were made we got down to the business of talking over each other. We are not a rowdy group but the volume can get a little turned up with our laughter. When the appetizers started rolling out there was a hush that fell over the table like I have never heard before. All you could see was a flurry of Texas Beet Fries, Jalapeno Ricotta, Smoked Salmon Tomato Skins and Truffle Mac and Cheese being passed around. Our table stayed in this state of quiet food euphoria for a good 5 minutes (if you know us that might be a record). To say that we enjoyed our day together would be an understatement. The “Ladies who Brunch Group” are some of my very favorite people in this world and I am very thankful for each of them.

This month’s issue always comes on the heels of our Health and Fitness issue which may or may not be intentional. I love being able to sneak around town with Mike or friends and check out the many restaurants Fort Worth has to offer.

Enjoy this month’s issue and hope to See You Around Town!


Christie Thomas

Phil 4:13