Down-Home Chic

For 50 years, Brumbaugh’s 
Fine Home Furnishings has delivered the best in upscale decor.

Today, Brumbaugh’s Fine Home Furnishings has customers spread across the country, from New Jersey to Wyoming, along with a devoted clientele right here in Fort Worth. Known for its signature aesthetic, in-house line and glossy spreads in Texas Monthly, Brumbaugh’s beginnings may surprise new clients and longtime shoppers alike.

“Larry started the company in 1966 with railroad salvage inventory,” says Sally Brumbaugh, wife of company-founder Larry. “He’d get a call from a freight company that may have had a derailment, and he’d make a bid and buy the inventory.”

This early iteration of Brumbaugh’s was based on Fort Worth’s north side. As the years passed, Larry expanded his business and broadened his scope to include new home furnishings and carpet, which he eventually made into the business’s sole focus.

“We did that for many years and still do,” says Sally. “Later, we transitioned into higher-end merchandise. Larry said, ‘Everybody can sell low-end, but not everyone can sell unique and high-end goods.’”

Now located in the heart of Cowtown at 11651 Camp Bowie West, Brumbaugh’s Fine Home Furnishings has a well-defined western-chic look that homeowners and designers alike utilize for elegant decor. Visitors can browse the store’s massive showroom — which benefits from 50,000 square feet of space — and get a taste of Larry and Sally’s distinctive “Texas or Tuscan” style in everything from furniture to rugs, lamps to leathers, chandeliers and home accessories.

While customers here in Fort Worth can take advantage of the showroom’s proximity, geographic distance has never foiled certain members of Brumbaugh’s following.

“We have customers all over the United States, and people will fly in to shop here,” says Sally. “We just finished a home in Wyoming, and have delivered furniture to customers in Oregon, Manhattan, Maryland, Florida, California, you name it.”

A discerning homeowner wishes their interior to have a unified, identifiable ‘look,’ one that expresses certain ideals or a personal style. For someone who idolizes the rugged, individualistic ethos of the Old West, but also appreciates the finer things and a touch of elegance, Brumbaugh’s should appear as a dream made reality. Clients can decorate practically the entire home exclusively from Brumbaugh’s, which offers goods for the living and dining rooms, home offices and bedrooms.

You can also find accent pieces, hand-woven rugs and original, museum-quality art. Such is the degree of customer satisfaction that Brumbaugh’s can rely on referrals to supplement the business lured through its eye-catching advertising. Anyone who just happens across the showroom is also, of course, hooked.

“Across the board, when people walk into our store, we hear ‘Wow, I’ve never seen this before!’” says Sally. “We sell everything from one-of-a-kind hand-knotted Persian rugs, to sofas and dining sets. Practically anything for a home.”

This family business relies upon the expertise, eye for quality and shared tastes of Larry and Sally Brumbaugh. As the business celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2016, it can look forward to the future thanks to the involvement of the Brumbaughs’ daughter, Elizabeth. Says the proud mother:

“Elizabeth handles a lot of the design, a big part of the marketing and all of the commercials. She’s a Texas A&M graduate with a degree in finance and master’s in financial engineering.”

Elizabeth also curates her own eponymous home furnishings collection, available only at Brumbaugh’s. A natural complement to Brumbaugh’s established look, the Elizabeth Collection injects a modern twist into the store’s trademark western chic decor. As Brumbaugh’s builds upon its decades of success, customers can look forward to an ever-expanding line, as the Elizabeth Collection captures the finest in contemporary furnishings.

In addition to Sally, Larry and Elizabeth, the Brumbaugh’s family includes a committed team of employees.

“We’re very blessed in regard to our employees,” says Sally. “We’ve had people work with us for 25 years, across multiple generations. One family now has its third-generation team member.  We strive to foster a close environment, and certainly do have a family atmosphere.”

It’s not just the employees that have staying power at Brumbaugh’s — it’s the customers. In business now for five decades, Brumbaugh’s credits the loyalty of a core clientele for its continued success.

“People like the fact that we’ve been in business for 50 years,” says Sally. “We’ve had staying power, which is a direct reflection on Larry. People like coming in and seeing the owner, and he’s here six days a week.”