Like Mother 
Like Daughter but Not Really!

My mom is a woman of many talents, one of them being interior decorating. She passed it on to my sister, but skipped me and went straight to my daughter. They are able look at a room and just know how to make it look amazing. I unfortunately need to be told in order to see it, repeatedly. Even if I watch a design show with the before and after pictures, you would have thought that a magician had just performed the most amazing illusion in the world, I am that baffled! My mom brings her special talents to landscaping also. She and my step-dad Jim have created a beautiful patio paradise that was inspired by Joe T Garcia’s. It’s truly a sight to behold. I don’t think at 46 that I will wake up tomorrow and suddenly possess this talent, so I am just thankful I have her to tell me what I like.

This month’s issue is about 3 family businesses that have been keeping Fort Worth homes beautiful for the past 70 plus years. Archie’s Gardenland (my mom’s favorite) started in 1934 so I think they know a thing or two about how your garden should grow. Randall Archie helped me start an indoor herb garden which I have kept alive longer than I ever thought possible. I love walking in that store because it’s like spring all year round!

I want to thank a special reader that reached out to us recently, Lou Scott. Lou gave me a call one morning to ask if we would add her friend to our subscription list and share some of her thoughts on the magazine. Thank you Lou, your kind words made my day!

Enjoy this month’s issue and hope to see you around town!


Christie Thomas

Isaiah 58:7