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Shop Small Fort Worth Market

Shop Small Fort Worth is a group that gives local craftsmen/artisans and small businesses a forum to sell their goods and offer their services. We are excited to have a fun platform where businesses can sell their handmade items as well as expose their passions, ideas and creative concepts through their businesses!

Shop Small Fort Worth Market is excited to being holding its first spring market event! Join us at the BRIK Venue for an indoor curated market event! Shop some of our fabulous Shop Small Fort Worth Facebook group members as well as other amazing small local businesses. Will be a fun day to gather and support our local community!

This will be a fun event with food trucks, drinks and a raffle of items and packages from some great local shops and artists! Come and support the local non-profit The Net FW! Such a great group doing some wonderful things in our beautiful city! Check out to find out more about The NET, their mission and programs.

For anyone interested in being a vendor at the Shop Small Market or to find out more about the vendors participating visit

A Beautiful Johannus organ will soon fill Lena Pope’s Marty Leonard Community Chapel with breathtaking music.

Perched atop Chapel Hill, Lena Pope’s Marty Leonard Community Chapel has a rich history recently celebrated with the American Institute of Architects’ 25-Year Award. The beautiful Chapel will soon fill with the breathtaking music of a Johannus Ecclesia T-370 church organ. The impressive instrument’s state-of-the-art audio system with multiple amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers will fill every inch of the Chapel’s glorious space. The organ’s custom design work on the console’s panels will reflect various interior and exterior details of E. Fay Jones’ award-winning architecture.I am very excited about the new electronic Johannus organ that will be installed in the Chapel later this year,” said Marty Leonard, also a long-time Lena Pope board member. “While the original Allen organ provided beautiful sounds for 25 years, there have been a lot of improvements in organ technology which led us to a new instrument. For example, the Johannus has three keyboards which allow the organist to play a wide range of musical effects, and the custom cabinetry will mirror and complement the Chapel design.”Lena Pope worked closely with Classical Organs of Texas and formed an organ committee under the guidance of several expert organists. The committee researched instruments from the top electronic organ builders. After careful assessment of tonal quality, performance features and accessories, the committee selected the Johannus Ecclesia organ.“The tonal concept of the Johannus provides for classical pipe organ sound and orchestral instrumental voices including string and reed choruses,” said committee member Ed Ackerman with the American Guild of Organists. “The new instrument will provide an exciting sound in the favorable acoustics of the Chapel, and will provide organists with more tonal resources to play a wider range of organ repertoire, especially for wedding ceremonies and public recitals.”“We are very appreciative of the counsel of Ed Ackerman, Dale Bench, Glenda Robinson, and Tim Wilborn, all master organists themselves,” Leonard said. “We hope to have them all perform in the fall to unveil the new organ and showcase their talents on the breathtaking instrument.”

TRWD Spring Trash Bash

May 21st

After Party – Panther Island Pavilion

Celebrate a successful cleanup with a free after party at Panther Island Pavilion. The party will feature lunch, games, music and more to reward dedicated volunteers who helped in the TRWD Spring Trinity Trash Bash.

Trinity River Paddlefest

May 30th

Panther Island Pavilion

Backwoods Paddlesports at Panther Island Rentals is kicking off the summer paddling season with a paddling festival at Panther Island Pavilion with free kayak and paddleboard demos. Enjoy half-price kayak, paddleboard, and canoe rentals; live music; food; beer; and more.

Malloy ChiropraCtic

Chronic pain can transform everyday life, turning the simplest of tasks into torture. Surgery and medication are popular remedies, but the expense and inherent risks of each create a hesitancy that leads to persistent anguish. Chiropractic therapy, a practice that employs a controlled force to adjust joints, can correct the underlying problems that lead to pain. To those who have benefited, chiropractic treatments appear as natural, non-invasive godsends. Among these grateful recipients is a sizable contingent that sings the praises of Malloy Chiropractic & Wellness Center.

Dr. Malloy, owner of Malloy Chiropractic & Wellness Center at 6800 Harris Parkway, employs holistic, natural and scientific techniques in the treatment of ailments and injuries. His chief technique, called Specific Prone, targets spinal adjustments without discomfort, while a full-body certification in Active Release Technique (ART) allows the doctor to effectively treat soft-tissue ailments. In addition to a Chiropractic degree, Dr. Malloy is also a certified acupuncturist and a board-certified safety professional.

As a resident of Benbrook, the doctor is committed to making a difference in the lives of his neighbors and fellow Fort Worth residents. If you find yourself resigned to a life of pain, consider the benefits of an individualized treatment plan — and give Dr. Malloy a call at 817-346-1111.