Kids with All the Answers 17

A group of Fort Worth children offer charming insights on a subject close to their hearts: mom.

As all mothers can attest, time flies as children grow. Sometimes it seems as if hardly a month passes, and the baby in diapers has become the active toddler; another blink, and your youngest has received her driver’s license, and it will have seemed like yesterday that the college-age child attended his first day of kindergarten. The experiences and joys of childhood come only once — for parents and youngsters alike — and youthful perceptions are even more transient than physical milestones.

As your children mature, the ways that they see you, all the charming insights and heartfelt impressions, change along with them. In celebration of Mother’s Day, we interviewed a group of children to learn just what they think and feel about mom. Their answers not only provoke chuckles and some heartfelt emotions, but serve as time capsules for a very special age. If you want to give a mother in your life the perfect gift, we’ve included some questions for your very own interview at the end.

Know by Heart

Everyone knows that kids see (and hear) everything. But how well do they know their mothers? It’s forgivable to assume that the world of a child is so full of wonder and stimuli that he or she spares hardly a thought for what mom’s doing. Our interviewees prove otherwise, however, as they offered some astute observations on their moms’ likes and dislikes.

Eight-year-old Brileigh Ray, daughter of Hannah Ray and granddaughter of West FW Lifestyle Publisher, Christie Thomas, has a clear appreciation of what she shares with mom: when asked how they’re similar, she highlighted their hair colors and shared love of shopping.

Parrish Morton, son of Paige Morton, has a clear read on his mother’s emotional state. What makes her happy? When Parrish listens to her or engages his silly side, of course. As for sad, Parrish knows that the meanness of others has an adverse affect on mom’s mood.

Kids seem to live entirely in the moment. Without a doubt, though, all the day-to-day excursions with mom leave their traces in memory. Lily Kate, eight-year-old daughter of Paige Bacon, knows exactly what she and her mom do together the most: trips to fun places like Flight Deck and the frozen yogurt shop, and regular attendance to church.

The Lessons that Matter

Moms and dads alike work hard to impart worthwhile, formative lessons to their children. Whether it’s the basics of kind behavior, how to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ or the importance of faith, childhood lessons can set the tone for a life well lived. If you’ve ever wondered whether the lessons go in one ear and out the other, never fear: these kids prove that mom’s hard work is worth the effort.

Lily Kate has taken to heart lessons of courage, and knows that bullying should never be tolerated. When asked what the most important lesson she’s learned from mom, her ready answer was to stand up for friends should they ever get bullied.

Melissa Hoskins’s three children, 13-year-old Izzy, 9-year-old Georgia, and 6-year-old Lily Kate, each have equally invaluable answers. Izzy has learned that individuality is of the utmost importance, and that one shouldn’t succumb to peer pressure. Georgia understands the importance of thought before action, while Lily Kate has learned from mom that she should never quit.

Greyland Goff, 17-year-old son of Wendy Goff, sums up mom’s lessons with a saying: “Kill everyone with kindness, even if they’re not being kind.” Wise words, indeed.

Some Hard Truths

Of course, most kids do not come equipped with filters, and interviewers should prepare themselves for some all-too-honest answers. A child may see mom as an angelic queen — but that doesn’t mean they’ll fail to see what makes their mothers human. A few answers, while not humorously awkward, at least reveal the charming innocence of the responder.

For example, Lily Kate knows exactly what mom Melissa would do if she were to win a million dollars: she’d go to the grocery store. No need to clip coupons this week, kiddos. Parrish Morton has a less practical, but more optimistic answer: he thinks that Paige would buy him lots of toys.

As for mom’s least favorite things, you can expect children to notice. Brileigh’s keen eyes have noticed that her mom doesn’t particularly enjoy dealing with tantrums; of course, said tantrums only ever get performed by Brileigh’s sibling, Laramie.

Moms aren’t perfect, naturally, and for some simple and honest criticism, who better to ask than a child? Paige Bacon’s daughter, Lily Kate, has noticed that mom could use some practice waking up early in the morning. Our other Lily Kate thinks that her mom, Melissa, would make a pretty poor lumberjack, as she’s not too good at chopping down trees. Brileigh Ray doesn’t pull any punches, and has the following feedback about her mom’s cooking skills: they’re just not very good. Ouch.

The Best Gifts

Practically all moms would agree that the best gifts are those that children make themselves. When the child makes an honest appreciation of mom and everything she does, it stands as the greatest gift of all. Everyone knows that parents take pride in their children; what’s less known is how much pride children take in their mothers.

Nine-year-old Georgia takes pride in Melissa’s kindness to others, which certainly doubles as an important lesson. Brileigh appreciates her mom’s sense of dedication, and that “she thinks she can do stuff and then does it.” Lily Kate is proud of mom Paige’s kindness and skill at her job, while Greyland respects his mother’s kind heart.

Want to give a mom some laughs or happy tears? Corral a kid and ask these questions yourself. At the very least, the answers won’t be boring.

Observations: What does mom always say? What makes her happy and sad? What do the two of you do together the most? How are you and mom the same and different?

Life Lessons: What’s the most important thing mom has taught you? What makes you proud of your mom?

Good Honest Fun: What’s mom really good at? What’s she not very good at? If mom had a million dollars, how would she spent it? If mom was a TV or movie character, who would she be?

Heart Melters: How do you know that mom loves you? If you could give your mom one thing, what would it be?