Tanglewood Moms 1

What began as a Facebook group has become a community for 
support among Fort Worth moms.

Most moms would agree that motherhood counts as the “greatest” of more than one category: as a challenge, reward and adventure, the special bond and experiences of mothers and children color the world around us.

As Victoria Wise, founder of Tanglewood Moms puts it, “there is strength in numbers,” and the booming popularity of the Fort Worth-centric Facebook group and online community attests to a need for support and mutual enthusiasm among its members. Thanks to Tanglewood Moms, Fort Worth parents can celebrate the joys of motherhood together — and also swap tips and recommendations for everything from yoga studios to recipes.

“We have a great community of women,” says Victoria of the Facebook group. “We don’t place restrictions on what people can share or post, and people recommend it to each other to find a babysitter, line up a summer job for a child, and other useful things.”

Part of the success of Tanglewood Moms can be attributed to Victoria’s expansive skill-set and entrepreneurial drive. The mother of four children aged five to eight, she’s somehow found the time to launch and run multiple businesses over the past several years. Tanglewood Moms grew out of a desire to connect with fellow moms on Facebook, share advice and create a public forum.

Motherhood presents a daily gauntlet of choices. Suggestions on what to cook, how to fill an afternoon, where to buy clothes, choices of schools, after-school activities, craft ideas and much, much more, Tanglewood Moms draws upon the experiences of thousands of members to present valuable insights. Moms also need to reserve time for themselves, and Tanglewood Moms obliges with recommendations for day spas, boutiques, and date-night destinations.

“We strive to keep the Facebook group an open forum,” says Victoria. “Members can use it for what they want, find out about resources and share them, all within a safe environment. It’s just a great community of women sharing.”

Since the group’s creation in 2011, it has grown through leaps and bounds across several online venues. The original Facebook group, found at www.facebook.com/TanglewoodMoms, now has 4,500 members, with an additional 1,700 page likes. The group’s Instagram page, www.instagram.com/tanglewoodmoms, has over 7,100 followers, and appeals to moms and dads alike with a constant stream of inspirational, fun images.

In 2015, Tanglewood Moms branched out into its own website, www.tanglewoodmoms.com, to connect users directly to relevant Fort Worth-area businesses. Visitors to the site can find listings for everything from home and yard services, to doctors and personal trainers.

Conveniently organized into categories, the website allows visitors to quickly and efficiently browse among local interior designers, personal assistants, non-profits, pet care, photographers, realtors, graphic designers, and practically anything else that might help a busy, ambitious mom get the most out of life.

Another feature of the website, the Tanglewood Moms Blog, showcases the talents of Victoria’s team of top-notch writers.

“My vision for Tanglewood Moms is to just keep growing,” says Victoria. “Last November we added a team of writers, each with a different perspective and topics they’re passionate about. We have sponsorships and business partners, and more and more people reaching out to help and connect with the cause.”

The diversity of Tanglewood Mom’s readership is perfectly reflected in its core group of writers. Sarah Angle, the website’s adviser and contributing writer, has seen her work published in noteworthy venues such as the Washington Post, Texas Observer and Dallas Morning News. Other contributors showcase tips and insights from experiences of single motherhood, raising older children, frequent travel with babies and toddlers, and the management of careers against the demands of raising children.

For new moms, not-so-new moms, recent Fort Worth transplants and Cowtown-lifers alike, Tanglewood Moms provides tips and suggestions on how to best enjoy the crazy adventure of motherhood. At the end of the day, all moms can use a little help; Victoria understands this as well as anyone.

“It’s nice to know that other people are going through the same things you are, and to have support when you need it,” says Victoria. “If you’re in Fort Worth, certainly join Tanglewood Moms. Otherwise, find some groups to join. There’s strength in numbers, and we’re all just trying to hang in there.”