In the Good Ole Summertime

I currently have 100 GIANT Pop Ice frozen snacks in my freezer. This is in preparation for summer in my household. I also have 6 dozen one-pint ice cream containers waiting for Mike to utilize his Christmas present, an ice cream maker. We are officially summer ready, with the possible exception of our bikini bodies. I have to confess something, I don’t own a grill of any kind and have possibly worked a grill twice in my life. That was always my dad’s territory. In fact, I am extremely intimidated by the open flame concept, I am confused by the propane and starter and don’t even get me started on charcoal. Oh well, I guess at 46 I will just sit back with a nice cold glass of iced tea and swat mosquitos and accept my limitations while someone makes me a nice medium tenderloin.

July seems to be vacation month in this wonderful town of ours, but if you don’t get a chance to leave you still have the wonderful opportunity to explore Fort Worth. Spend a lazy Saturday afternoon in the Near Southside area at Grand Cru sipping chilled Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc or stroll through the stockyards and grab lunch at H3. You can rediscover Where the West Begins all summer long.

As always, Mike and I hope you enjoy this month’s issue. I have to say I think this might be the most diverse group of stories tied into one month’s theme. We hope you have a safe and blessed summer. May the mosquitos not find you and the sun not burn you.

See you around town!