A Boutique All Her Own

Tweens rejoice: a new store makes fashion fun through a carefully curated selection.

Parents of tweens — kids between the ages of 10 and 13 — understand the difficulties of transitions. Tween girls, especially, seem to grow up too fast; between increasing independence and the development of a true fashion sense, shopping for clothes becomes another struggle alongside navigating moods and staying connected.

Most parents do not feel comfortable taking their 10-year-old to Forever 21; unfortunately, tweens often want a more ‘adult’ look, and have tired of the character tees and juvenile dresses of previous years. Thankfully, a new option has arrived in Fort Worth — just in time for Back to School — that caters specifically to this curious age. B Kids Boutique, located in Suite 151 at 6323 Camp Bowie Boulevard, offers fun and funky fashion carefully chosen to align with contemporary trends.

Owners Jessica Breslin and Brittany Voxland, moms themselves, leapt at the opportunity to provide this service to other Fort Worth parents.

“Brittany and I were new stay-at-home moms,” says Jessica. “One day we were walking our newborns, and began talking about what we could do to still be with our babies but go back to work. A girlfriend of mine, Terryn Mann, had started three B Kids in the New Orleans area.”

Mann’s B Kids Boutiques had quickly become destination stores for Louisiana parents, and Breslin and Voxland became eager to transplant this success to Texas. In Fort Worth, shoppers have long had no alternative to traditional styles of kids’ clothing. As for tweens, stores would, at best, devote a small selection to this distinct group.

“We don’t just have a small section for tween girls,” says Jessica. “Half of our store is for them. We do brighter colors, singular prints and other things that aren’t really around here, and people can’t believe the selection that we have.”

Clothing, accessories, jewelry and shoes are all hand-picked according to the impressive taste and knowledge of Jessica and Brittany. Girls will no longer have to raid mom’s closet or play dress-up to see themselves as stylish fashionistas: a visit to B Kids gives every excuse for a fashion show.

“Kids typically don’t like to try things on, but will come in here and pick out 16 outfits,” says Jessica. “It’s wonderful to see the girls with their moms, jumping up and down with excitement, finding clothes they want to wear, and at a great price.”

Unlike the mall or big box stores, B Kids gives children the chance to find clothing that can become truly their own. As tweens begin to assert their sense of individuality, they naturally want to express themselves through fashion.

Important events, like the first day of school, become veritable fashion shows, as children strive to display and assert themselves through meticulously constructed outfits. If your daughter cannot find the right outfit — or, worse yet, chooses the same ensemble as a friend — this can become an occasion for tears and fraught nerves. If you’ve ever stressed the necessity of school clothes shopping for your young daughter, worry no more: B Kids transforms the experience into an adventure.

“We only get four to six of each piece, so it’s unlikely they’ll have the same thing as their friends,” says Jessica. “It’s not like a big box store where everyone is going to have the same shoes. It’s also brands that moms know, because they often have the same things in their closet. The kids get excited about that.”

Visitors to B Kids can make a fun afternoon of shopping, as the store is located near Toy Works and other kid-friendly boutiques. When it comes to clothing, however, B Kids stands on a level all its own.

“We hear the same compliment over and over,” says Brittany, “from moms who are so glad we’re here for their tweens. There aren’t a lot of boutiques like this out there, and we’ve been very welcomed.”

The new fall assortment is incoming, and customers can expect a whole new variety of dresses, jeans and other great looks. If you have a daughter or granddaughter, brighten her day with a trip to B Kids — a store that understands its core demographic.

“Tweens are a unique age where they’re finding their identity and wanting to be independent, but they’re still only 10 years old,” says Jessica. “We give them a creative outlet. Our motto is: b cool, b different, b you.”