Full-Service Fill-Up

Gascab introduces a new era of ease with home-delivery fill-ups.

In the heat of the Texas summer, on days when the sun seems to beat down like a hammer on an anvil, actions as simple as pumping gas can become torturous. No one likes to stand amidst the fumes, as heat radiates from the asphalt, and watch numbly as the digital readout spins toward a full tank. This is part of why we procrastinate on our fill-ups, and approach the next with a dread usually associated with doctor visits or trips to the DMV: a necessary evil, something that no one enjoys, but everyone must do anyway.

One would think, in our consumer-centric era of personalized service, where same-day delivery exists for practically anything, that someone would have created an alternative to the self-service gas station. In point of fact, someone has: Fort Worth’s Clint Brookover and James McCormick have introduced Gas Cab, a full-service gas delivery service. Simply schedule a delivery — or sign up for a subscription — and Gas Cab brings the fill-up to you.

Clint, who worked as a landscaper for over 20 years, got the idea for Gas Cab as a money-saving tool for business owners.

“I realized that one of the biggest cost factors to my landscaping business was the morning trips to the gas station,” says Clint. “It was taking up to 45 minutes for all the guys, across multiple crews, to get gassed up and get their food or whatever. I was losing money left and right.”

As the first service of its kind in this part of the country, Gas Cab will surely appeal to both business owners and individuals alike. If you operate a fleet of vehicles for your business, you can schedule fill-ups and have the Gas Cab ensure that your fleet stays fully fueled. Employees no longer have to waste valuable time at the pump, and business owners can close a gap that leads to lost revenue.

“For a business owner, our service saves labor, adds more billable time, and can solve the issue of employees stealing gas,” says Clint. “We charge $5 per vehicle for 10 or more vehicles per month, with two fill-ups a week. We come to you and fill up all the trucks in the morning or late afternoon, whichever your preference.”

The service charge does not include the cost of gas, of course, but Gas Cab’s fuel rates are more than competitive, and sometimes cheaper than nearby gas stations. If this sounds like a dream come true, but you’re a private individual, don’t worry: Gas Cab can also come to you. Individual plans start at $20 a month and include two fill-ups a week, plus the cost of gas. Simply sign up online at www.gascab.com, provide your license plate information, schedule a delivery and pop your gas cap — it’s that simple.

“We’ll have a three to four hour window where we’ll come fill you up,” says Clint. “We just charge your credit card and email the receipt.”

Personal safety is another benefit to fuel delivery from Gas Cab. After all, gas stations are not only occasionally inconvenient — they can also be unsafe.

“For individuals, there are 120,000 violent crimes a year that happen at gas stations,” explains Clint. “So it can also be a safety issue.”

Gas Cab has the ability to deliver regular unleaded, premium and diesel fuel. The truck itself was developed according to Clint and James’s personal design, and is fully licensed and registered with weights and measures through the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Fully safety-compliant, the truck has spill containment protections and can haul up to 440 gallons of fuel. The Gas Cab truck currently serves an area that stretches from downtown throughout west Fort Worth, with another truck on the way to service the north and east sides of town.

As the popularity of the business grows, Clint expects an eventual expansion into Arlington and Dallas. For now, however, Gas Cab belongs wholly to west Fort Worth. If you’re curious about this service, don’t wait until you’re running on empty; schedule your first delivery today.