Get Your Game On 7

Game On Sports has become Fort Worth’s center for all things athletic.

ports, both team and individual, provide a crucible for the attainment of human potential. From decision-making to instinctual reliance, teamwork to self-confidence, athletics develop the body and sharpen the mind. No one needs to stress the importance of athletics in Texas; as a part of our culture, sports are as important as BBQ, cowboys and wide-open spaces.

In North Texas, however, athletes have been confronted with a paucity of choices among practice and competition spaces. Until recently, Fort Worth athletes had to travel across the Metroplex for multi-purpose, public athletic facilities.

That all changed in 2012, when local entrepreneurs Trevor Armstrong and Larry Auth opened Game On Arena Sports at 251 Settlement Plaza Drive. A 48,000-square-foot indoor sports facility, Game On Arena Sports immediately became a major resource for local athletes and their families, and provided a center for indoor soccer and flag football.

This September, Game On will up the ante once again, as it plans to open the doors on its second facility. Game On Sports Complex, which will focus on indoor athletics, will be located about a mile from Game On Arena Sports at 2600 Alemeda Drive. Trevor Armstrong, Game On’s general mananger, explains the distinction between the two:

“Game On Arena Sports is a turf model, while Game On Sports Complex is a hard-court model. Arena Sports has two full-size indoor fields, which primarily host flag football and soccer leagues. The new place will have 50,000 square feet of hardwood.”

Between its two facilities, Game On will become the largest athletic performance center in the entire region, with over 190,000 square feet of combined space. Whereas Game On Arena Sports serves approximately 12,000 athletes on a annual basis, the new facility plans to host a mind-boggling 70,000. Such numbers serve as testament to the demand for what Game On offers, and the business’s genesis came from a recognition of this regional need.

“Dallas was well ahead of Fort Worth in terms of indoor sports facilities,” says Trevor. “The owners of our original facility built it in 2006, and we bought it along with the adjacent land. We assumed that with our marketing and customer service experience, we could build on what they started.”

Build they have: Game On has met its benchmarks for the past five years, and is on track to overachieve yet again. Patrons of Game On know that it not only sets a new standard for customer service and convenience, but also offers a state-of-the-art experience to accommodate athletes of all ages and skill levels. When the opportunity appeared to acquire additional land, Trevor and Larry jumped. Market research revealed a need for volleyball and basketball facilities, and Game On knew it could oblige.

To best understand the range of Game On’s offerings, it’s best to consider each facility individually. Game On Arena Sports, the original facility, serves soccer and flag football players with a pair of full-size, fully turfed indoor arenas. As the first and largest indoor soccer facility in Fort Worth, Game On Arena caters to leagues, birthday parties, and home school physical education programs.

The new facility, scheduled to open in September, will serve volleyball, basketball and baseball players. Twelve regulation-size volleyball courts can convert into six full-size basketball courts, while an inventive divider system allows Game On to accommodate any variety of split arrangement. An additional eight sand volleyball courts will exist outdoors, along with seven pitching and batting cages. The Game On Sports Complex rounds out its services with lifestyle offerings that include a health-oriented dining facility, a pro shop and outdoor performance stage.

Game On has expanded its services even further through a host of partnerships. APEC, a sports performance training operation based in Tyler, will bring its professional athlete-level services to a new location housed within Game On Sports Complex. The complex’s sports wellness area will contain partner services from physical therapists, massage therapists, nutrition counselors and sports psychologists.

If you’d like to explore everything that Game On has to offer, visit them online at An abundance of leagues exist for all ages and skill levels, as well as opportunities to enjoy the facilities on an individual basis.

“We’re the home for athletic potential,” says Trevor. “Our goal is to provide infrastructure and resources for all local families, and be the one-stop shop for everything to do with wellness and sports.”