Way Back When

Way Back When

Back in September of 1975 my mom tricked me into thinking we were headed to play with friends. She didn’t actually lie, she did take me to meet new friends, she just failed to mention that we were meeting at St. Andrews for the first day of kindergarten, with Sister Corona at the helm. I don’t remember much about that day but mom my said I had a great time. Now some 41 years later I still get to play with some of those friends I met that day.

This August will be my son’s last first day of high school. I swear it was only yesterday that I was taking him to his very first day of kindergarten. Time has flown by. I wonder if he will let me hold his hand and walk him into the school?

This month’s issue features some new and not so new businesses that cater to the talent of Fort Worth’s youth. The School of Rock is more than rock star training. B Kids Boutique is styling our tweens and Game On is prepping our kid’s athletic abilities. You will also get to see what our hometown hero LaDainian Tomlinson is up to. As always Mike and I hope you enjoy reading this month’s issue and hope to see you around town.


Christie Thomas