Texas Fall

Texas Fall

I absolutely love fall! It’s the beginning of college football and cooler weather is right around the corner. I am a huge college football fan. I worked for ESPN college sports division for many years and my love is deep for these kids that play their hearts out week in and week out. TCU was my home-base and getting to work with their sports programs was a true honor. My office was in the old Daniel Meyer building and the players would stop by to raid my candy stash daily. These were the days of wine and roses early in my career that introduced me to some of Fort Worth’s greatest people. I am so thankful for the time I had there and will bleed purple always.

This month’s issue is to prep you for a Fort Worth Fall and pray that all of our 100 degree days are past us. Last year Mike and I attended Oktoberfest and I was pleasantly surprised that it had the feel of the good ol’ Convention Center days and I knew instantly I wanted to share this story with our readers.

Doug, our main writer, told me as we were putting together September’s publication that the stories had all the makings of a staycation. I couldn’t agree with him more. We will be in attendance at Oktoberfest wearing our chicken hats and hope to see you there.


Christie Thomas