Rules to Live by with Wine and Friendship

Whether meandering the fertile valleys of the Napa and Sonoma regions of California, or scaling the craggy mountains of uncertain or changing friendships, there are interesting parallels to be drawn between wine and friendships. No matter your expertise in either area, it’s always about making good choices and trusting your taste. Oh, and I’d add quality cheese to any wine or friendship just for good measure!

    1. Color doesn’t matter.  Really.
    2. Pick what/who you like, not what others insist upon. Although, trusted recommendations are always valuable.
    3. Wine and people change over time. Respect the amount of time you invest in each.
    4. If “Two-Buck-Chuck” is ruining your party, send him on his way and take him off of the list.
    5. Stock your pantry. You can’t have too many friends or good bottles of wine.
    6. If you can’t afford ‘em, stay away from ‘em.
    7. Moderation is always a good idea.
    8. Pretty labels are just that.
    9. Good food makes everything better.
    10. Our existence is only made more enjoyable by good wine and good friends.