A Sweet Surprise 3

Gifts from Cookies by Design provide a tasty – and artful – alternative for your next special occasion.

As the holidays approach once again, most people’s minds turn to the beloved traditions that make the season special. For some, nothing beats the glorious sight of a full Thanksgiving spread: the illustrious centerpiece, the varied, steaming dishes of sides and vegetables, and, sitting above it all like a castle on a hill, the bronzed, glistening turkey. For others, the season really begins with the selection of a Christmas tree, freshly cut and luxuriant, and the smell of winter it brings into the home. A more prosaic symbol — yet no less redolent of comfort, love, and indulgence — comes from the smell of fresh-baked cookies.

If you ever made holiday cookies as a child, or have kept the tradition with your own children, you understand the simple pleasure of a warm, brightly decorated treat. Not only do you get the satisfaction of eating it, but the festive sight and evocative smell become sensory pleasures all their own. Cookies by Design, located at 4455 Camp Bowie Boulevard, exists to bring this holiday goodness into the everyday. Freshly baked and vibrant cookies no longer have to remain the sole property of grandma’s kitchen, or Christmas morning; with Cookies by Design, you can design an “arrangement,” or simply have a fresh batch delivered to anyone, anywhere, for any special occasion.

Muriel Honeycutt, owner of Fort Worth’s Cookies by Design, understands how cookies can add joy to any day or event. Open since 1988, her store’s seasonal success, in particular, reveals the special place that cookies hold in the hearts of her customers.

“Our biggest holiday is Valentine’s Day,” says Muriel. “It’s our biggest day of the year. After that, Christmas is very important to us, not just for personal giving, but also for companies. We do a lot of deliveries for employers who want to give gifts.”

As the owner of the sole Fort Worth Cookies by Design franchise, Muriel has seen the company grow from humble beginnings to nationwide success. Started in 1983 in Oklahoma by entrepreneur Gwen Willhite, this woman-owned business really took off once it relocated to Dallas in 1986. The first franchise location, then called “Cookie Bouquet,” opened in 1987. Muriel’s Fort Worth location soon followed. In 2004, the popular bakery and delivery service changed its name to Cookies by Design. Today, nearly 100 stores exist nationwide to spread the gospel of customized, delicious gifts.

The brilliance of the Cookies by Design concept lies in a simple realization: people need an option for a universally appreciated gift suitable for both men and women. While many rely on flowers as the catch-all gift for every occasion, it’s hard to dispute the appeal of some variety. After all, who doesn’t love cookies? Combine the pleasure of a sweet treat with Cookie by Design’s customizable options, and your surprise is certain to garner a smile. On the novelty of receiving a cookie bouquet, Muriel has this to say:

“You can eat it, so people certainly enjoy that. We customize each and every order, so making it special is an important part of our business. People may want new designs, or custom colors, or personalization with names and sayings. Delivery is a major part of our service as well, and we can do events, individual party favors, or cookies on a stick.”

While a part of Cookies by Design’s success comes from its design novelty, a major component also comes from the quality of its baked goods. All the cookies get baked in-house, with made-from-scratch dough and icing. Popular designs can make a cookie bouquet the appropriate gift for any occasion, including birthdays, thank you’s, and births. Know someone down from an illness, or recovering from surgery? The Cookies are Good Medicine or Speedy Recovery bouquets, with appropriately themed and decorated cookies, should put a smile on anyone’s face.

If there’s a football fan in your life, order a TCU or Dallas Cowboys-themed cookie bouquet for game day. Own a business? You can get cookies designed with your logo, or order bouquets for employee birthdays or work anniversaries. For gluten-sensitive customers, Cookies by Design even offers a gluten-free recipe, and delivery services ensure that your special someone gets to share the fun with co-workers or friends.

With a wealth of customizable options available, Cookies by Design’s gifts are truly limited only by your imagination. To place an order, or learn more about what Cookies by Design has to offer, visit www.cookiesbydesign.com.