Destination for Beauty

Phenix Salon and Suites has everything you want in a salon — and much more.

Phenix Salon Suites, newly open in west Fort Worth at 6201 Sunset Drive, Suite 650, brings a hitherto unseen selection of salon services combined in a single location. The first Phenix Salon, opened by company founder Gina Rivera in 2003, quickly evolved into the salon suite concept seen throughout the company’s franchised locations. The success of the brand – which has grown to 100 locations in the seven years since expansion began – speaks volumes about the quality and appeal of the Phenix concept.

The lure of Phenix Salon Suites, for both the customers they serve and industry professionals they host, is rooted in the originality of the design.  Each location offers spacious and luxurious suites for independent salon professionals. Unlike at traditional salons, Phenix allows professionals and clients alike to enjoy the cozy intimacy of a spa-like setting. The ambiance emphasizes comfort and luxury, with stylists located within private suites with all the equipment of a fully outfitted salon. To learn more about this new choice for beauty treatments, we spoke to two professionals now based at the Fort Worth location.

Aesthetician Rachel Cohen holds a bachelor’s in human services and sociology, and went into the skincare industry after the birth of her three children. Her approach emphasizes a partnership with clients, in which she works to develop a skincare regimen that best serves individual needs. Stylist Cynthia Hodges has nearly 20 years of experience in the salon industry. Her background includes 10 years at Moda, an Aveda salon where she served as manager and industry educator.

As a professional engaged at Phenix Salon Suites, what sets it apart from other salons?

Cynthia: We have everything here. We have people who do makeup, pedicures, manicures, facials, and we each have our own individual suites. The salon as a whole offers anything a client could want, and we all work together. We also have great owners who care about our success, and provide us with the tools we need and a beautiful place to work.

Rachel: At Phenix, we’re encouraged to create what we feel strongly about, be our own businesses, and forge strong relationships with clients. For the last 16 years, I’ve been independent; but I’ve never had the ability to grow and service customers in the way I can here. We’re each surrounded by other professionals whose best interests align with those of clients. The salon itself provides easy accessibility and a beautiful location.

What’s the background of the Fort Worth location?

Rachel: Our owners opened the location for business in August. When I came and met them, their excitement and energy were infectious. It got me excited to see owners who obviously cared so much, and who want everyone to have a share in the success of the business. To have salon owners invested in your development, it makes a big difference. They have a sense of ethics and morals you sometimes don’t see in a lot of businesses these days, which to me is very important. It allows me to devote all of my energy to my clients and the other people around me.

What are some of the differences customers might notice from other area salons?

Cynthia: We’re in a fantastic location, centrally located with easy access to a lot of areas. Everyone here, from the stylists and aestheticians to the massage people, has worked elsewhere and developed a large enough clientele to go out on their own. This says a lot about the talent we have here, and the level of professionalism. The facilities are very clean, everything is new – I certainly know I like it here.

Rachel: As soon as you walk in, you appreciate the professional environment. It’s not loud, with stylists talking over blow dryers. We offer a more intimate setting, more personalized and focused on whatever services you’re there to receive. Though we all come from different backgrounds, we all came to Phenix for the same reason, which makes it easy for the group to serve clients in the best possible way.  There’s a universally strong work ethic that places the customers first.

To learn more about the unique Phenix Salon Suites concept, visit them online at To explore everything that the Fort Worth location has to offer, stop by or give them a call at 469-629-8074. For a skincare appointment with Rachel, call 817-681-6890, or email her at For all services hair-related, get in touch with Cynthia at 817-897-4688, or drop a line to