Light Up the Holidays 4

Holiday Shine’s lighting professionals take the hassle out of holiday decor.

As the days get shorter, and the temperatures – finally – begin to drop, a Texan’s mood shifts to contented thoughts of the holidays. In the latter part of the year, we all hew a little closer to home, and value the pleasures of a family all the more than usual. In the absence of visual cues, such as snow, or the steady rise of smoke from chimneys, we place all the more importance on decorations to herald the season.

A showpiece Christmas tree gets a place of honor in the front window, for example; or elaborate scenes of the nativity or inflatable snowmen get erected on front lawns. Of course, surrounding all of this with a merry luminescence are the lights: those twinkling signifiers of winter, steady reminders of the oncoming New Year, and heralds of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It seems as if every year, Christmas lights get strung a little earlier, in more extravagant and intricate arrangements. The reason for this is simple: everyone loves the holidays, and the day when the lights get hung and the tree decorated signals the commencement of a favorite part of the year. The esteem for Christmas lights must be profound, when you consider the investment in time and energy – both electrical and physical – they necessitate.  And – lets face it – for every flawless arrangement that transforms a home into a winter wonderland, there’s a sad failure that results in sprained backs and broken bulbs.

Thankfully, it’s possible to enjoy all the magic of a flawless display with none of the hassle. Holiday Shine, Fort Worth’s leader for outdoor lighting, has helped make neighborhoods merry for the past seven years. Owner Scott Yarbrough brings an expert touch not only to issues of power and installation, but also to arrangement. The quality of his service – not to mention the striking impact of the finished products – has contributed to Holiday Shine’s explosive growth.

“We’ve grown exponentially since our first year,” says Scott. “Our numbers double on top of themselves every season. It’s been fantastic.”

If you’ve seen a Fort Worth home with a jaw-dropping holiday display, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Holiday Shine’s work.  The company’s professionalism and ability to handle any job, large or small, leads to repeat customers and prominent contracts.

“We’ve done jobs from $300 to $50,000. Last year, we did the first annual Winter Fest for Alcon Laboratories,” says Scott. “We installed over 3,000 glass balls in their trees, 70,000 LED lights, and 1,000 feet of lit garland.”

Most homeowner’s needs won’t extend to 70,000 LED lights; but the size of the project does nothing to diminish the enthusiasm of Scott and his team.  A full range of services includes indoor and outdoor holiday decorations, landscape and accent lighting, and event lighting for weddings and parties. Though Holiday Shine will use the holiday decorations you already own, many customers prefer to buy decorations as part of the service. An initial investment brings quality lighting you can use year after year, with a selection customized to meet your needs and holiday wishes.

“If we provide the lighting, it’s commercial grade and comes with a two-year guarantee,” says Scott. “When we come back, the price on the installation goes down, since you’ve already bought the lighting. We’ll see customers expand their display each year, and eventually build to what I call the ‘Griswold Package’.”

It’s hard to argue the wisdom of throwing away money on cheap, disposable lights, then suffering through installation yourself to create a mediocre display. An inventive, impressive display requires not only lots of manual labor, but also vision, creativity, and technical know-how.

“Power issues account for a lot of the mistakes that homeowners make when they decorate on their own,” says Scott. “The longer lengths you run lights, the more power you have to pull. You also need the right accessories to make a clean install.”

Holiday Shine helps with the layout and design of holiday displays, with Scott approaching each home as a unique challenge. Individual projects get a line-item proposal, with various decorating options and a price for each. Customers then pick those they want to create the perfect holiday display for their budgets.

To see examples of Holiday Shine’s projects, simply treat yourself to a tour of the holiday lights around Rivercrest and Monticello. To learn more about Holiday Shine, or reserve their services for your own home, visit, or call 682-444-8313.