Dentist of Many Talents 1

Dr. William C. Whittle is a veritable Renaissance man — and his talents come into full display around the holidays.

Dr. William C. Whittle has made a career of bringing smiles to west Fort Worth. Over 35 years, Dr. Whittle has created a name for himself as the dentist of choice for the needs of his large and loyal clientele. From check-ups and general dentistry, to restorative work, surgeries, and cosmetic needs, Dr. Whittle displays a level of professional excellence matched only by his concern and care for his patients.

A native of Fort Worth, Dr. Whittle grew up on the west side and attended TCU. Two years in the US Public Health service followed, as did a general residency in New Orleans. When it came time to open his own practice, Dr. Whittle knew exactly which community he wanted to serve.

“We’re a family practice that does cosmetics and a little bit of everything,” says Dr. Whittle. “Partials, prosthetics, implants, restorations; basically, I’m a general dentist. My daughter is a hygienist here, and my son is also a dentist. I love what I do.”

As everyone in the Whittle Dentistry community knows, what sets the good doctor apart is his personal charm and boundless enthusiasm. Outside of his practice, these qualities find a couple of especially festive outlets in the holiday season.

For the past 23 years, Dr. Whittle has pursued an interest in barbershop quartet-style, acapella singing. For those unfamiliar with the specifics of barbershop singing, the style centers on the close, four-part harmonies exemplified in the traditional “quartet” structure. For 20 years, Dr. Whittle honed his skills and contributed to the Fort Worth chapter of the international Barbershop Harmony Society.

About seven years ago, he joined Vocal Majority, a Dallas-based men’s chorus with over 100 members. Also a chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, Vocal Majority has performed across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and can boast 12 gold medals in the annual BHS competitions. Vocal Majority recently set new records with its scores in district competitions, and plans to pursue its 13th gold medal in Las Vegas next summer.

If you’d like to catch them locally, the chorus’s Christmas shows provide an immensely popular option. The shows, all held at the Eisemann Center in Richardson, Texas, occur on December 1st and 2nd at 8pm, with an additional matinee and evening show on Sunday, December 4th.

“The first half of the show has some sketch elements, and it’s called ‘Home for the Holidays,’” says Dr. Whittle. “The story is that the men’s chorus is stranded at the airport, and sings carols as they’re trying to get home for Christmas. The second half of the show is all sacred music.”

Tickets for Vocal Majority’s Christmas shows sell out quickly, so visit soon to check available showtimes. If you want to add some Christmas cheer to your own gathering, you can book Dr. Whittle’s own traditional barbershop quartet.  For inquiries in this regard, contact his office at 817-249-5522.

When he’s not contributing to four-part harmonies, Dr. Whittle raises a different kind of long, lonely whistle. As a vintage train aficionado, Dr. Whittle has volunteered over the years for the Grapevine Vintage Railroad. The Grapevine Vintage Railroad consists of two engines, a set of luxurious, fully restored Victorian coaches, and a dedicated team of conductors, engineers, and brakemen.

“Our steam engine, which is currently under repair, was actually used in California as a pumper for fires,” says Dr. Whittle. “It was built in 1896. We also have the diesel engine, which was built in 1954.”

For those who want to experience the singular joys of vintage railway travel, the Grapevine Vintage Railroad’s typical offering consists of a ride from Grapevine to the Fort Worth Stockyards. Throughout the summer, this ride gets spiced up with a “train robbery” performance, where bandits on horseback hijack the train to the delight and entertainment of passengers. For the holidays, however, the Grapevine Vintage Railroad has a special destination: the North Pole.

“During the holidays we have the North Pole Express,” says Dr. Whittle. “They usually start it on the weekend after Thanksgiving, and it goes right up to Christmas. Tickets sell out fast.”

Guests board the train for a 30-minute ride, during which they’re entertained by elves and invited to join along for Christmas carols.  The trip ends – where else? – at the North Pole, where guests get to meet Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus, receive special Christmas treats, and pose for a complimentary family photo with Santa. For more information, or to check availability for tickets, visit: