Brighter Smiles for Fort Worth 1

Dr. Green’s personable approach takes the fear out of dentistry — and her state-of-the-art tech keeps everyone healthier.

As a beloved dentist and owner of one of Fort Worth’s premier practices, Dr. Nikki Green has performed a kind of hat trick: she’s made dentistry a pleasure for her patients. A specialist in general, cosmetic, implant, and sedation dentistry, Dr. Green combines cutting edge technology with a personable approach that makes office visits into a practical joy. To help make more converts to the benefits of dental health, we spoke with Dr. Green about her background, practice, and recommendations for daily maintenance.

Please share with our readers a little about yourself and your background.

Dr. Green: I’m a dentist, wife, and mother to a 13-year-old son. My husband is also a dentist, so we talk a lot about teeth in our family. I’m 39, and started my practice nine years ago, when I bought it in-between the holidays of Christmas and New Year’s. The former owner was a third-generation dentist, so I had some big shoes to fill. My husband works with me, on average, about four days a month. He’s had his own practice in Abilene for over 25 years, and is very loyal to his strong patient base.

What are the services you offer?

Dr. Green: We are a full-service adult dental practice. Our services run the gamut from simple cleanings and fillings and hygiene care, to much more extensive stuff such as rebuilding an entire mouth. We place and restore a lot of dental implants, and we do a lot of cosmetic dentistry. Our biggest focus is probably the cosmetic dentistry, and we help lots of people who want to make changes to the appearance of their teeth. We also perform a new and advanced service called Fixed Hybrid Prosthesis. With this, someone who has hopeless teeth, none of which can be saved, can get full implants performed in a single day.

Are there any new procedures/services you think people should know about?

Dr. Green: We’re very involved in dental technology in our practice, and have some of the latest and greatest. For example, we have Galileo’s Cone Beam technology, which is basically a CT scan for your mouth. This has revolutionized the way we do dental implants. Before, implants were a little unpredictable, since you really didn’t know three-dimensionally where the bone was in the mouth. Because of this, a lot of dental implants would fail. With Galileo’s Cone Beam, it’s really uncommon for a dental implant to go bad. We can use it and know exactly where an implant will go, and patients can sit in a chair and watch us virtually place the implant right into the bone. We can also tell patients with about 90% surety whether they can have a tooth on the implant that day.

We also use a technology called Cerec, which allows us to make crowns in a day. In the past, you had to go in a get a tooth prepared, wear a temporary for a month, then go back in for a second appointment. With Cerec, we have a camera and image presented right there, and the patients sit and get crowns made and put in the same day. We can even take that technology further and do same-day smile makeovers.

What regular dental care regimens do you recommend people do for themselves? What about periodic check-ups and cleanings?

Dr. Green: We always recommend that people see their dentist every six months for routine cleanings and check-ups. You should also, of course, brush and floss at home. We’re big advocates of power toothbrushes, and recommend Sonicare to our patients. We also recommend water-picking, and if you really want to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthiest, you should incorporate all these things.

What are some of the most common problems you see with how people take care of their teeth?

Dr. Green: Neglect is definitely the thing I see the most. People don’t even really know what’s inside their mouth. If they have an infection on their arm, they’ll do something about it. People will have broken or infected teeth and just ignore them, though it could require extensive dentistry to fix. Things that would have been a small problem become much larger through neglect. People also just don’t know how important it is to see your dentist regularly.

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