Your Access Point to Health 3

The Trailhead has become a one-stop-shop for all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

It’s no secret that Fort Worth loves the outdoors. From the Botanical Garden to the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge, Sundance Square to the Trinity Trails, the city’s esteem for its outdoor spaces showcases a love for nature and healthful living. New Year’s resolutions for fitness often involve taking advantage of this bounty which surrounds us — after all, there’s no better way to overcome lethargy than to treat yourself to an afternoon outdoors. A workout routine and active habits form only a part of the puzzle, however, for those who want to revolutionize their lifestyles. Healthy food becomes an indispensable component of daily life, as do personal connections and a sense of community.

Those who want to find all of these things in one convenient location need look no further than The Trailhead at Clearfork. Originally opened as an access point to Trinity Trail and the river, The Trailhead has since become a one-stop experiential center for healthful and mindful living. Created in the fall of 2013 through the efforts of Cassco Development, The Trailhead at Clearfork has become a runaway success. An emphasis on health, fitness, and wellness informs the guiding ethos of The Trailhead, which combines a beautiful outdoor space with free fitness classes, delicious food, an unparalleled farmer’s market, and first rate retail. Angelica Cofoid, marketing and events director for Cassco, describes the project’s genesis:

“In the beginning, we just wanted to get people out to this great location fronting the river. We thought we could give people an access point to park and access the trails, with restrooms and a water station. . We then saw that people wanted to congregate and check their bikes, and we saw a need for a gathering location.”

The desire to acclimate people to this area grew out of Cassco’s expansive plans for the Clearfork development. This mixed-used, master-planned development will provide the citizens of Fort Worth with miles of new riverfront access, along with 270 acres of living, retail entertainment, dining, office, and outdoor space. Planned to eventually encompass over 3 million square feet of office and retail space, along with 2,500 multi-family units, Clearfork has already made its mark through its events venue, Heart of the Ranch, and it’s multi-family project, The Kelton. The Trailhead, initially intended as a amenity to the area, has quickly become a central focus.

“The fitness classes garnered an incredible following,” says Angelica. “Along with the farmer’s market, Press Cafe, and Mellow Johnny’s, it’s taken off, and we’ve been excited to see the city embrace the Trailhead. It’s exposed new people to our project and its different pieces, and become a one-stop hangout on Saturdays.”

In a city as rich in history as Fort Worth, no new development comes without an investment in the past. In this sense, The Trailhead stands as one of the newest initiatives of the Edwards family, whose Edwards Ranch was founded in 1848. Originally 7,000 acres, the former ranch land once extended to the Fort Worth Zoo, Forest Park, and numerous other local touchstones. The family formed Cassco in the 1950s to oversee its various development projects. Large scale projects such as Clearfork got placed on hold in the 1980s due to the proposed construction of a tollway. Always patient and methodical with their stewardship, the Edwards family waited. With the 2014 completion of Chisholm Trail Parkway, the doorway finally opened for Clearfork — and we’re all the luckier as a result.

For many people, the main appeal of The Trailhead remains its fitness classes. Every Saturday, The Trailhead provides free outdoor fitness classes to all and sundry. Inclusivity provides the watchword for these classes, as offerings exist for any age or exercise preference. Participants congregate on the sunny lawn of the Trailhead, and against a backdrop of the Trinity River and the vibrant sounds of the farmer’s market, connect with their bodies and share in a free fitness experience provided through community partnerships.

“We went out and found who was truly promoting a vision of health and wellness, and who wanted to make Fort Worth healthy and give back to the community,” says Angelica. “Our success spurred us to recognize greater need for year-round classes, and now it’s become a Saturday staple, with around 30 people per class.”

From yoga to bootcamp to kickboxing, it’s possible for anyone to take advantage of the free offerings at Trailhead. Current partners include a selection of Fort Worth’s finest fitness providers: Indigo Yoga, PT Fitness, Fit 4 Moms. 9Round Kickboxing, Smart Barre, and many more.

The farmer’s market at The Trailhead has quickly established itself as the weekly go-to for the health conscious and epicurean-minded alike. The Clearfork Farmers Market enables anyone to purchase farm-fresh produce and high-quality, locally made products in a beautiful outdoor setting.

“We worked for two years to bring Fort Worth a farmers market in an outdoor, green setting,” says Angelica. “We launched this past April, and now have over 25 artisan, rancher, and farmer vendors.”

The appeal of the location extends to these vendors, whose wares showcase a quality you simply can’t find in the walls of a traditional supermarket. Whether it’s handmade candles, honey, or farm-fresh vegetables and meat, the Clearork Farmers Market has you covered for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

As for the onsite businesses, visitors can support two originals in Press Cafe and Mellow Johnny’s. Press Cafe brings the talents of chef extraordinaire Felipe Armenta to The Trailhead. The casual and healthy menu provides fuel and comfort to patrons of The Trailhead, and features indoor, trailside, and rooftop seating to enjoy its delectable breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop has become a nexus for the cycling enthusiasts of the Trinity Trails. Founded in Austin, this homegrown Texas company’s Fort Worth store has an extensive showroom of mountain, road, hybrid and children bikes, along with repair services, rentals, and accessories. Right next door, Pedal Hard Training gives you the opportunity to put your new gear to use, and offers workouts and training for triathletes and cyclists alike.

Regardless of your health goals, whether you want to eat better, get more exercise, or engage with the community, The Trailhead can serve as your headquarters in the New Year. Get out and enjoy our beautiful city — The Trailhead makes it easy.