The Playhouse of Your Dreams 3

Grossman Design Build brings decades of construction experience to bear on children’s playhouses.

Children dream of worlds that belong exclusively to them. Most of us have memories of imagined journeys, special hideouts, and days spent in creative play and adventure. Some of us were lucky enough to have actual playhouses, constructed through the aid of a caring adult, that served as centers for our creative play. Chances are, none of us had anything close to the pint-sized palaces created by Grossman Design Build, however. Over the past year, this architecture and design firm has branched out from its traditional, large-scale projects to offer something different: playhouses of unparalleled quality, constructed with the highest degree of professionalism and attention to detail.

These playhouse projects, a special passion for Grossman Design Build partner Brian Grossman, all benefit from the decades of construction and design experience that the firm embodies. Founded by Gary Grossman, the father and son firm also includes Brian’s brother, Eric.

“My dad was an architect at a firm, and then he got to where his side projects got bigger and bigger,” says Brian. “He had to make a decision to go full time. He started his own company, and has been in business since 1988.”

Brian and Eric grew up in the family business. Weekends and summer vacation became opportunities to help dad with his projects, and both later found their way into the business full-time.

“We were both fairly competitive in sports,” says Brian. “Anytime we were not playing, we would work for my dad. We started with job-site clean-up, and worked our way up to framing and tiling. We did things like that all through high school and college.”

The two sons both benefit from this ground-up familiarity with the construction business. Today, Grossman Design Build functions almost as three independent companies. A broad range of projects — from residential to commercial building and design — keeps the trio busy.

“We all work on different projects,” says Brian. “Grossman Design Build now is focusing on the construction of fire stations. We also do a lot of stuff for private schools and churches, and build custom homes.”

Completed projects include everything from resort homes to sports facilities, health care offices to outdoor living spaces. Non-construction projects include architecture and interior design, master planning, and even handyman services. Playhouse construction, Grossman Design Build’s newest service, developed out of chance.

“I was remodeling this couple’s house in Mansfield, and the project turned out great,” says Brian. “The couple had four or five grandchildren between the ages of 1 to 5, and they were wanting to build a playhouse in the backyard.”

The resulting “hobbit-style” playhouse was a huge hit for these customers, and inspired Brian to keep the ball rolling.

“It turned out really neat, and I enjoyed the work,” says Brian. “Since then, I’ve kinda told myself that if all I had to do were fire stations and tree houses, I’d be happy.”

After Brian’s wife posted photos of the completed playhouse on Facebook, calls began to pour in. Among requests for other, original playhouses and tree houses, came a call from a truly special client — the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“Make-A-Wish called and said they had a little girl in Wichita Falls who wanted a princess castle,” says Brian. “I said that sounds like the best thing ever.”

Brian met with the family to design the castle, and the project took off. At its completion, the princess castle had two separate levels, both of which are accessible through an ADA compliant ramp. The castle also has air conditioning and heat, spray-foam insulation, and is fully waterproof.

“You could live in that house,” says Brian. “It has slides, a sandbox — basically everything a little girl could want.”

The experience of this full-service design and construction firm comes fully into play for the playhouses of Grossman Design Build. Each project benefits from the same level of complexity as an actual home, from pier and beam construction, to full framing and finishing with the same materials.

“I really enjoy doing this, because its fun and creative,” says Brian. “Clients can just give me an idea of what they want, or a couple of items they really want included, and we can go from there. Our background in residential construction really ties it all together.”

To learn more about Grossman Design Build, or begin the journey towards your very own dream playhouse, visit