You'll Be Floored

OaKline Floors offers an exceptional selection of hardwood flooring at unbeatable pricing and service.

All decorating spaces begin with bare walls and empty floors. We choose adornments to match our tastes, needs, and the limits of our space, and consider this an act of personal expression. For many people, their home decor represents an honest picture of themselves, and serves to comfort the soul, welcome guests, and provide a source of continual stability. Beneath it all, as the actual foundation upon which our design dreams grow, lay the floors.

Nothing adds elegance and warmth to a room like well-done flooring. The colors and textures, whether wood or tile, create the palette upon which you can build. Wood floors especially add a sense of rustic warmth unobtainable from other sources, and do much to increase a home’s appeal.

For the past four years, residents of the Fort Worth area could turn to OaKline Floors for the highest standard of flooring needs. With a selection of hardwood and engineered flooring unsurpassed in quality and attractiveness, OaKline Floors acts as the one-stop shop for builders and homeowners alike. An esteemed group of exceptionally trained professionals cater to every need of OaKline’s continually growing clientele, and ensure that all projects benefit from topnotch care. The owner of OaKline Floors, Sammy Kline, will go to any length to serve his customers. His experience in the flooring business, which began over a decade ago, has taken him literally around the world.

“I’ve been in the flooring business for 15 years,” says Kline. “I started out importing wood out of Costa Rica, and it just evolved into a full-blown flooring company. We have a warehouse where we keep our wood, and buy trailers of wood in volume. This gives us a deep discount on pricing, which we can then pass along to the customer.”

The secret to OaKline Floors’ success comes from this volume purchase approach. Sammy Kline travels the world to find the best woods for his customers, then brings them back to Texas. A retail showroom in Granbury allows customers to browse these woods firsthand, inspect the quality for themselves, and pick the perfect choice for their home.

“Because we stock all of our own materials, we can pass savings along to the customer,” says Jennifer Sistrunk of OaKline Floors. “We feel as though a solid hardwood floor will add to the customer’s home value more than any other type of flooring.”

Soon, OaKline Floors will improve this direct line to quality floors even further. Sammy Kline has big plans brewing in Panama, which will make it even easier for Fort Worth residents to choose from among the widest possible selection of high quality and exotic woods.

“We are just now opening a mill in Panama,” says Kline. “We will be milling our own exotic woods for flooring as well as for accent walls. We will literally be able to cut the trees, mill the wood, install and finish it with no middle man whatsoever.”

The selection available at OaKline Floors is truly staggering, with woods to cater to any taste. Those who prefer the rustic look can choose from antique oak and pine, or handscraped hardwoods that preserve the natural variations that make each plank unique. Classic flat-sanded oak and American cherry add the timeless warmth that many homeowners seek, while those with more contemporary tastes can choose from birch maple, walnut, white oak, and more. Regardless of your design preferences, OaKline has you covered.

The Granbury location, found at 4400 E. Highway 377, serves as OaKline’s retail space and showroom. The company’s warehouse, where you can also browse goods, is open in Fort Worth at 360 Mesa Grande Drive. At either location, you will find the same emphasis on quality flooring and excellent customer service.

“We pride ourselves on customer service, and offer full warranties for our work,” says Sistrunk. “We’ve also have great installers that have been with us for years, who work exclusively for us.”

The next time you have a flooring project — and OaKline does carpeting and tile, too — your choice for materials and installation should be obvious. If you’re left wondering at the wide selection of OaKline, and don’t quite know where to start, Sammy Kline has some insight on current trends.

“Skip sawn, antique and exotic woods can give you a mixture of contemporary and classic design,” says Kline. “Rustic, heavily distressed and natural, old-looking materials in earth tones are also very popular.”

To learn more about OaKLine, or begin the journey to your new floors, visit