The walls of your home are a form of your personal taste and expression. So when choosing your wall coverings think of what message you want to convey and the kind of atmosphere you want to create in the room. Of course it’s easy to just hang a few photos, a shelf or a piece of art work you’ve picked up on the wall, but why not let it be so much more? Vänt Wall Panels share some of their picks for the hottest trends in wall coverings:

· Handmade Fabrics. Bring a little bit of nature in doors with handmade fabric wall coverings. Handmade fabric combines renewable fibers like hemp or sea grass for walls with touchable texture. These wall coverings offer an unexpected appeal to your home and are environmentally-friendly.

· Shiplap Paneling. You may have recently heard the word “shiplap” tossed around in design magazines or on HGTV and wondered what exactly it was. Shiplap is a rough-sawn pine paneling hung horizontally. It provides a rustic appeal and can be literally used anywhere from walls to ceilings. Stain it, paint it or white wash it, the choice is all yours!

· Geometric Patterned Wallpaper. Modernize any room with simple geometric patterned wallpaper. Geometric patterns bring order into our homes with simple clean patterns that are basically timeless. For a completely up-to-date look, select one with metallics which are being touted 2017.

· Wall Panels. If you’re looking for a spot-on way to give your walls new life, wall panels are the way to go. You won’t find an easier or more affordable wall covering. There are endless possibilities with configurations to suit any need you may have and are a match for any room. They also make a great headboard look behind beds. Most come in easy to care for finishes such as pearl, leatherette, micro-suede, and metallics. Check them out at VantPanels.com

· Exposed Brick. Whether real or faux, who doesn’t admire an exposed brick wall? The trend originated from the industrial loft style apartments but today any home style can feature an exposed brick wall. Brick looks amazing whether it’s left as is or white washed. The greatest thing about brick is its classic and has longevity.

· Wall Bookcases.  Bookcases are a special way to fill a wall space. Exuding personality, history, intelligence, and filled with life stories, book shelves give your walls warmth, emotion and life. Sharing your shelf is sharing yourself – showcasing the building blocks that have shaped your wisdom, personality, and identity.

· Gallery Wall.  Whether you collect snow globes, decorative plates, album or book covers, nature artifacts, baseballs or tea cups, any collection you treasure deserves a visible place in your home. A photo wall displaying family memories, vacations, birthdays, weddings and other special life moments are a visual story of your life and are another way to create a gallery wallinfused with love. Gather your gems for a personal way to style up a wall while making a stunning statement about the things that are meaningful to you.

· Photo Wall.  Talk about impact!  A photo that is displayed on a full wall will surely make a statement.  Places you’ve visited, nature shots, art, food, drink, music, films, and more are all available in full wall size.

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