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Backyard Grilling Company has everything you need to transform your outdoor space.

Regardless of location or era – from Hawaiian luaus to the Argentine asado – people have always combined friends, family, fire, and food to celebrate special occasions and ring in the season. Rituals abound in the particulars of barbeque. For the ancient Hawaiians, the roasted pig became an offering to the gods. At your own backyard celebration, the ritual could include strict adherence to dad’s own beer-based sauce.

As an excuse to enjoy the outdoors, nothing beats a barbeque. In fact, many homeowners’ entire outdoor space becomes centered on the grill. Here in Fort Worth, a business exists solely to cater to backyard chefs and the needs of their art. The Backyard Grilling Company, located at 6125 SW Loop 820, Suite 140, has everything you need to make your next backyard barbeque one for the record books. Best of all, the friendly people at the Backyard Grilling Company make shopping a pleasure, and create a homey atmosphere that inspires recipe swaps, repeat visits, and good old-fashioned fun.

“We’re a family-owned company, which I think is an important part of our business,” says Jori Herr. “It’s my husband and I, our two daughters, and one-and-a-half son-in-laws. I say ‘half’ because we have one that helps out when he can. We like for people to have fun when they come into the store, and there are no high-pressure sales tactics. In that regard, we’re different than a regular specialty store.”

The low-pressure, friendly approach makes it easy to browse Backyard Grilling Company’s extensive range of wares. From built-in to freestanding grills, smokers and outdoor furniture, the Backyard Grilling Company has everything you need to create an exceptional outdoor living space.

“We carry 13 different grill manufacturers,” says Jori. “The most popular, of course, is the Big Green Egg. It sells itself because of the food that comes off of it. We like to have a mixture of manufacturers, because everyone has a budget, and we want to offer products that fit anyone’s needs.”

If you’re designing an outdoor space from scratch, a built-in grill can provide a glorious centerpiece. The Backyard Grilling Company offers Twin Eagles, Lynx, and several more, along with built-in storage and accessories to complete the design. A broad selection of freestanding grills allows for mobility and flexibility, and come with all the necessary equipment in one convenient package. Regardless of your preference, the Backyard Grilling Company will ensure that your set-up satisfies your needs and dreams.

“We absolutely love helping with design,” says Jori. “A lot of people know exactly what they want, while others will have no idea. Regardless, we can walk you through the process, and help decide which grill fits best, along with the other built-in components, like cabinetry.”

Aside from grills, the Backyard Grilling Company has all the accessories you need to finish out your summertime headquarters. Full outdoor kitchens make it easy to whip up a feast, while heaters help ensure that the weather doesn’t dictate when you can have a good time. Outdoor furniture by Homecrest transforms the outdoors into a true leisure space, and lets the chef take a load off after a long day at the grill.

“We’re a one-stop shop, no matter what you need for an outdoor space or backyard,” says Jori. “We sell grills for outdoor kitchens, grills on carts, traditional smokers, gas logs, accessories, rubs, cooking wood, and furniture. We also offer great conversation, and talk recipes literally all day long.”

If you’re happy with your current backyard set-up, there are still reasons to stop by the Backyard Grilling Company. The true backyard master seeks to always hone his craft. Whether it’s new gear or brisket recipes, the Backyard Grilling Company has you covered.

“We have three families that help with the store, and all three make brisket differently,” says Jori. “The end results are always phenomenal. We like to spritz with apple juice; one of my daughters likes to use beer, while the other likes to cover the brisket with mustard. We have regulars who come to the store, hang out and visit, pick up recipes and go home to try them.”

Thanks to the warm atmosphere of this family-run business, any visitor can quickly become a regular. The next time you need inspiration for your backyard barbeque – or a new grill or some cooking tips – visit the friendly folks at the Backyard Grilling Company.