Looking Sharp 8

District Barbershop doesn’t skimp on the little things, 
nor on its customer service.

If you honor and love the ideal of the barbershop, Fort Worth has a new offering to keep you looking sharp. As a cultural institution, barbershops have a long and storied history. According to the National Barber Museum & Hall of Fame, barbering as a profession dates back to Egypt in 5000 BC. Egyptian nobles performed this honored calling, and practiced their trade with tools made from sharpened flint and seashells.

Fast forward to the Middle Ages, and ‘barber-surgeons’ were trusted to dress wounds and perform surgery, in addition to cut hair. By the time of the Civil War, most barbers had given up bloodletting, and developed refinement in the grooming of beards. Around this time, the barbershop became a frequent inhabitant of Main Street. Men would flock to the barber not just to get cleaned up, but to swap news and gossip, or just while away the hours.

As the years have passed, it has become less common for men to frequent the barber. Statistically speaking, the trade has become more populated with women, and the ubiquity of chains and salons has led many men away from what ‘old-school’ barbershops remain. Thankfully, the glorious tradition of the barbershop lives on in near southside. District Barbershop, the brainchild of Edward Ramirez and Francisco Castaneda, opened recently to much excitement. To learn more about District Barbershop, we spoke with Edward and Francisco.

What inspired the creation of District barbershop?

Edward: I knew I wanted to have my own shop, and I knew that I wanted to create a shop where barbers wanted to come to work and people enjoyed themselves. Our overall goal from the start was to treat people, along with our barbers, the way we wanted to be treated. Nothing crazy, just do great haircuts and take care of people while you do it.

Francisco: My hope was to create a good work environment, and give that positivity back to the people who come in. We wanted to make a happy place that welcomed families, where people can come and joke around and laugh — a place where different personalities could be in the same room without being judgmental.

What sets you apart from otheR
barbershops and salons?

Edward: First of all, we’re barber-owned and operated. With us, customer service always comes first. A lot of barbers have this mentality that it’s a privilege to have them cut your hair. We’re the complete opposite of that, and consider it a privilege to cut your hair. That philosophy where the customer always comes first; you don’t find that in a lot of places. Other barbers may not honor appointments, or put some clients in front of others, and those are things we simply don’t do. Our online scheduling alone sets us apart. At other barbershops, you might have walk-ins only, which doesn’t work for a lot of busy people.

Francisco: We’re definitely one-of-a-kind. We give hot towels and do authentic barbering. We don’t cut corners, and we give every client a neck shave and the hot towel. My grandpa used to take me to the barbershop, and they would use the straight razor and everything, and we just want to keep that tradition alive.

What’s one thing you want 
prospective customers to know?

Edward: The people who come to us are looking for something better, but haven’t been able to find it. Really, we just want people to know about the service. We do all the little details, from the hot towels to the lather. We also use products that most people can’t get, that are better for your skin. All of our barbers have been trained in the best way to shave someone, and most guys don’t always know how to do that kind of stuff. You’ve got five-bladed razors at home, but you only need one to do a proper shave.

Francisco: That we offer proper customer service. A lot of barbers now are into quantity over quality. We dole out the quality and don’t worry too much about the quantity. We take the time for consultations, so we’re clear on how you want your hair to lay, things like that. Overall, we make sure that your time in our chairs is well spent.

To spend your time in a chair at District Barbershop, visit them online for scheduling at www.districtbarbershop.com.