Our girls are moving to Boerne, Texas this summer. Can I just say that there have been way too many life changes happening right now in our lives? First Pace graduating, now this! So I have come up with a solution to stave off my never ending need to mother and that is PROJECTS! I know what you are thinking …. Poor Mike. Normally that would be a valid assumption, but this time they are all fun!

I took something like 10 years of Spanish class and only know something like 10 words of Spanish. So Rosetta Stone is about to have their greatest challenge yet.

When it comes to ordering food at restaurants, I am a true creature of habit. Now I will order things I have never tried before.

I am terrified of heights. So, on our trip this summer, I will be doing the zip line. I’m sure Mike will have video proof of me conquering my fear.

I won’t bore you with the rest of my empty-nester bucket list and I know that I will be wearing Hwy 281 out, but it’s a start.

Our feature this month is about the adventure and beauty of Telluride. I learned a lot about this magical town and am looking forward to experiencing it for myself.

As always, we hope you enjoy this month’s issue and will be seeing you around town.


Christie Thomas

Phil 3:12