I have seen you around town

Every now and then I meet someone that recognizes me from my picture and it truly surprises me. Besides my family and friends, who are obligated to read what I write, I really didn’t think that people paid much attention to it, so it was an absolute pleasure to meet Martha Wells and Cathy Ralls.

When I come up with my topic each month, I try to make it relate to what the issue is about and then add in my own personal touch. I am not a writer so I struggle a bit with trying to convey my thoughts eloquently. I am not always sure that is what happens but I do give it my best shot. So to those of you that take the time to read this section of the mag, I say THANK YOU!!!!

This month’s issue is all about Back-to-School fun. Doug and I had a great time judging the Fort Worth Nissan Scholarship contest. I also added a creative use for grapes for any kid/adult that packs a lunch. Mr. Gatti’s Pizza, with a new location on W 7th, brought back a flood of amazing high school memories of hanging out after games. There is an added bonus in the Around Town section about Covenant Classical School located off Chapel Creek. If you have school age children, this unique school is definitely something to explore. Finally, one of our community partners, Huntington Learning Center located on Hulen, will get your kiddo set to be the top of the class. I think we have all of your Back-to-School bases covered.

We want to wish all of our readers with school age children an excellent school year!

As always, we hope to see you around town!


Christie Thomas

Psalm 119:66