Catch Them While You Cowtown Couture 3

Local boutique continues to 
surpass every expectation.

It all began one day in the summer of 2016. What started as a casual lunch conversation between two friends quickly evolved into a business idea. The end of lunch saw the securement of a tax ID, and Cowtown Couture was officially born. The brainchild of two stay-at-home moms, Angela Williams and Amanda Wear, Cowtown Couture began as a Facebook group to swap clothes among friends and acquaintances in Ridglea Hills. Today, just around a year since its foundation, Cowtown Couture has grown to become one of the hottest boutiques in Fort Worth. Still firmly rooted in an online-only presence, the original Facebook group now counts over 6,000 members. We caught up with Amanda and Angela to ask a few questions about the boutique everyone’s talking about.

What inspired the creation of Cowtown Couture?

Amanda: Honestly, it was a very spur of the moment idea. We have kids who are similar in age. We were at lunch one day after a camp pick-up last summer, and started talking about how it would be fun to have a boutique. We thought it would be neat to keep it all online and do it through social media. We applied for a business license that very day. Originally it was just meant to be small, for our friends to pick up clothes from our porches. We’re both very fortunate it has grown beyond that.

How has it grown and evolved since the beginning?

Angela: All the growing of our business came through customer service, customer loyalty, all those things built upon the two of us and the work we’ve invested. We do live videos, so people recognize and know us. We have expanded beyond our guest room, and now sublease a space that has really allowed us to have storage and organize pop-ups when we want to. We also continually learn about the website as we go along as well. It helps us organize the extra merchandise we need to allow people to shop.

How does it differ from other area boutiques?

Amanda: First of all, we have low overhead and pass that savings onto our customer. Some of our items you can find in a brick and mortar, but ours will be 20 to 30 percent less expensive. We take a lot of requests. One thing that makes our group special is that people can request items and post in the group. You can take photos out while shopping and ask whether we can get something. That helps our customers feel involved in the process, and helps us to learn what people like.

Angela: Cowtown Couture is not only an online boutique, it’s a community. Like Amanda is saying, we started it to be something for our closest friends only here in west Fort Worth. Today, we will respond to customer requests as if they were our friends. Even at our in-person events, we meet new people every time we do one. Anytime we throw an event that can give people an opportunity to see clothes, we enjoy doing it.

What do you see/hope for in the future?

Angela: That’s the question of the hour. It probably crosses our minds weekly, if not daily. We have small kids, so as they grow and we have more time allotted, it would be nice to bring more things to the community as far as items and events. We’d love to have women just get together, connect, get some cute clothes, and feel pretty.

Amanda: I don’t think we will ever expand to a brick-and-mortar. We would like to focus expanding more on our offshoot, Cowtown Couture Kids. Boutique clothing for boys is sometimes hard to find. We always enjoy collaborating with local vendors, and try to bring locally-made items to our customers. Ideally, we want items they can only get through us, which will require more partnerships with local vendors for the future. We only ever do anything but for our customers, also. Of course, we get some cute clothes out of it too. We enjoy what we do, and the business will remain open until it no longer is fun. So far, so good, as we’re having a blast.

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