I have seen you around town

I was a single mom for 13 years and with that came a lot of do-it-myself projects. Over the years, I have told y’all about my lack of skill when it comes to plants but what I haven’t shared is that I am AWESOME at reading directions. When IKEA came to Texas my sister and I made the trek to Frisco to check it out. I purchased a myriad of items including a TV stand, that I still have today. I was unfamiliar in the ways of IKEA back then and that may very well be why that was my one and only trip. I digress, now back to my AWESOME direction reading skills. When I got home and laid out the 1 million pieces that belonged to this 4 ft. by 3 ft. TV stand, I knew I had gotten myself into a hot mess (this is when I learned what an Allen wrench is). I started on a Saturday afternoon and finished Sunday night with little to no parts left over. The feeling of self-satisfaction I get every time I look at this 18-year-old, out dated piece of furniture is unmeasurable.

This month’s issue is a true testament to the power of social media. I found each one of these ladies, with the exception of the new West Side Commander, on some form of social media. The Cowtown Couture ladies keep a lot of my friends accessorized and style forward. Kari Shuler had me mesmerized with her artistic approach to beauty and makeup. I love to see all people, female or male, doing well and following their dreams.

As always I hope to see you around town!


Christie Thomas

Proverbs 31:20