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Professional Makeup Artist 
Kari Ann Shuler Lives Her Dream On A Daily Basis

When women reminisce about childhood passions, or career ideas that persisted through high school, makeup artist surely ranks alongside veterinarian and fashion designer. A combination of artistry and mystique define the imagined life of the makeup artist, with every day an adventure and every client a fresh canvas. Kari Ann Shuler lives this dream on daily basis. Ironically, it wasn’t until already a student enrolled at TCU that she discovered her drive for makeup artistry.

“It was the fall of 2006, and I attended TCU as a radio, TV, and film major,” says Kari. “I took a stage makeup class through the theater department. It wasn’t until I noticed that I had the most fun out of anyone that this was something I might pursue as a career.”

In the intervening years, Kari’s career has blossomed, so that now she can call herself the premier freelance makeup artist in the Metroplex. Along the way, she has learned to love her career even more as both a professional, personal, and artistic outlet.

“Every single new person that I meet is its own endeavor,” says Kari. “Everyone has different eye shapes, different skin tones. Each client is a new adventure.”

On a personal level, this dream job stands as its own continual source of inspiration. As every client serves as a new adventure, each also provides her own inspiration.

“I like helping people feel good,” says Kari. “Seeing the look on someone’s face after a quick makeover, or on their wedding day, it’s a great feeling. I consider it a gift, to see that look in someone’s eyes when they feel good about themselves.”

As most people would imagine, a large portion of the professional makeup artist’s life revolves around weddings. Nuptials hardly provide the only reason to employ Kari’s services, however. Practically any special occasion can provide a reason to call for professional help. Though this may come as a surprise for most men, the average woman was not born with total proficiency in regards to makeup. If you’ve ever struggled to find the perfect shade, or get your look just so, Kari also provides lessons. At the end of the day, however, it all comes back to the weddings.

“I would says my primary source of income is weddings,” says Kari. “I’ll find myself at all types of special occasions, though. Debutante scenarios, sorority formals, high school proms and homecomings, those provide a lot of clients. I also do corporate headshots, senior photos, and portraits. I also do lessons, and help women learn how to apply makeup.”

If you’ve ever doubted the effectiveness of a professional makeup artist, consider a few things. An expert like Kari will know how to highlight your best features, downplay discoloration or blemishes, and make your eyes pop. Issues of lighting, whether from the overheads of a venue or flashbulbs, also rarely enter into most women’s thoughts. A professional application will also last all day, from the ceremony into the evening. Lastly, few women anticipate the stress that comes from a large-scale event like a wedding. Regardless of your mood or state of mind, a session with Kari provides an opportunity to relax, unwind, and enjoy the pampering.

As for an unexpected component of the profession, Kari nominates this last point.

“You never know what you’re walking into,” says Kari. “It could be the most chill, laid-back wedding, or it could be super stressful. As a makeup artist, you have to be super adaptable, because you don’t know what the vibe will be. Regardless, you really just want to make it as good for the client as possible. If the bride feels stressed, you have the opportunity to change the tone. It’s not just about putting makeup on people, but about rolling with whatever situation you find yourself within.”

Kari also has a few pieces of advice that most any woman can put to use.

“I’ve noticed that most women do not know what color their skin is,” says Kari. “Have a professional help choose your foundation shade. You should not be able to see what color is on your face, nor should what you apply look like makeup. Most women should work on enhancing, and working with what they have.”

For a taste of what Kari has to offer, visit her online at Kari also maintains an Instagram (@karidoesmakeup) and Facebook that she updates daily with product recommendations and more.