Our Captain

Police work relies upon a sacred bond of trust between officers and their communities. Fort Worth Police Department’s visibility in the community exemplifies this trust, and breaks down the barriers that can exist in other cities between police and citizens. An example of this stance, the Neighborhood Patrol Officer program, places officer liaisons into area neighborhoods. These specially
-designated officers help…

Paying It Forward

For too many young people, college appears as an unattainable dream. Tuition costs, already high, have continually risen. Before you blame the market, consider this: the cost of tuition has rapidly outpaced inflation, almost to the point of absurdity. Annual tuition at Harvard, for example, currently sits at around $45,000. This represents an increase of 17x the amount in 1971.…

Ready to Serve

On May 6, 2017, Dr. Brian Byrd replaced longstanding District 3 councilman Zim Zimmerman. To learn more about our new representative, we spoke with Dr. Byrd about his experience in the race, inspiration for running, and stance on various issues.

Winter Workout Tips

Cold weather exercise brings about many unique challenges. Though we in North Texas don’t have to worry about the worst of the seasonal gauntlet — at least not for long stretches — it’s still advisable to take certain precautions as the thermometer plummets. As winter wears on and the days stay chilly, we checked in again with James Conley for…

Dentist of Many Talents

Dr. William C. Whittle has made a career of bringing smiles to west Fort Worth. Over 35 years, Dr. Whittle has created a name for himself as the dentist of choice for the needs of his large and loyal clientele. From check-ups and general dentistry, to restorative work, surgeries, and cosmetic needs, Dr. Whittle displays a level of professional excellence…

Wheels for Wellness

Gearheads understand that half the pleasure of a showpiece car comes from sharing it with others. Of course, by “share” we don’t mean drive; most auto enthusiasts would sooner hand over their spouses than their keys. We mean put the treasured automobile on display, and let others look at, appreciate, and pine over the objects of our obsession.

Major League Dad

Heroes come in many forms. Police, doctors and soldiers present a vision of heroism founded on survival, where the struggle to preserve life and thwart death define the pinnacle of their vocation. Other heroes serve through example, with a heroism founded on the ideals they represent through their moral or physical fortitude, or the magnitude of their accomplishments.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Police

To protect and serve: these watchwords define the mission of the Fort Worth Police Department. For many people, though, officers exist as remote figures, separated by an air of authority that renders them, unfortunately, somewhat foreign.

We Remember Winslow

They work long, grueling hours in often dangerous conditions, and risk their lives to serve and protect. Because of their watchfulness, bravery and determination, Fort Worth’s neighborhoods remain safe for families and children, while criminals, drugs and weapons get taken off the streets. Most people admire and respect these noble protectors, but fail to grasp the hardships and demands of…